Sunday, December 23, 2012

Good Tidings We Bring...

After a looooong week chock-full of rushing willy-nilly like a hyperactive Santa's helper (me) and trudging off to work and school (everyone else), my family finally coasted into Winter Break with a collective sigh of mingled exhaustion and relief. Along the way, we bravely met and surmounted all sorts of challenges:

Seasonal--having once more endured the darkest week of the year to greet the Solstice, and as a reward, being able to celebrate the incremental increasing second at a time. (Although that means now it's actually Winter, and cold weather can't be far behind....but let's not talk about that, I'm much happier here in my State of a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure it's somewhere near Hawaii...)
Calendar...ial--watching the date of the projected Mayan Apocalypse approach...and pass with minimal hoopla and zero end-of-the-world destruction. (Whew! Somehow December 22nd never had quite this level of fame or appeal before, did it?)
Retail--in which I tackled Costco, Target, and (in a daring move never before attempted, due to it, foolish...oh, heck, it's just stupid) a MALL, mere days before Christmas.

Then came the fun stuff. Wrapping presents. Sleeping in. (Well, for the male-type-people, anyway. Somehow I always wake up at the same time. But at least it's soooo blessedly quiet when I do...) Drinking coffee (me again, of course, and Husband as well) and savoring breakfast, rather than shoveling it in before galloping out the door to the bus stop. (Okay, that last part mostly relates to the boys, since I'm perfectly satisfied by my mondo mug of java and usually do more of a brunch-ish meal.) Basking in extra leisure time--whether that means more Angry Birds (Who, me? She protests, batting her eyes innocently...) or Driveway Basketball Tournaments or Basement Football Playoffs or reading under a fleecy blanket.

And there's even more merriness right around the corner. Tomorrow, as per our Official Holiday Agreement (which incidentally involved several meetings, offers and counters, mediation, and tons of negotiation to hammer out the details. Those kids are tough customers, I tell ya...) all Youthful Parties will be permitted to open their Stocking Gift as well as one Parcel from their South Carolina grandparents. Later we'll head to church for a nighttime Christmas Eve service. And finally we'll settle in for a Winter's nap to rest and refresh before to my Dad's house for the Christmas morning circus (complete with cousins...and choice cuisine).

With all the festivities ahead of me, and with the monkeys in bed and the TV now mine, all mine (mwah hah hah), I believe it's time for some adult know, gazing at the twinkling lights on the Christmas tree, drinking a steaming cup of peppermint tea, and catching up on my DVR recordings...whatever did you think I meant, naughty elves? And to all a good night!

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