Friday, May 31, 2013

Almost There...

Well, it's that time of year again, y'all--when folks here in the good old Mid Atlantic region experience a sudden, shocking change of weather: from Winter-ish conditions (I swear the heat in our house was still switching itself on regularly, earlier this week) to a sweltering mid-Summer scenario (92* and disgusting humidity, to be exact). For me, at least, this causes what I have come to think of as Weather Whiplash. (If that's not an actual medical term already, I'm patenting that baby. In the meantime, feel free to use it--with proper citation to yours truly, of course--and people will think you're either intellectually superior...or possibly a deranged, either one has potential for amusement, right?) Symptoms include lethargy ("it's too stinkin' hot to do anything"), wooziness ("I can't remember stuff...because my brain is melting!" Which if you think about it is really a brilliant excuse due to the underlying implication: "it's not my fault!")...and apparently a tendency to channel my Southern relatives and use words that I generally "y'all".

Anyway, as though we weren't already feebly crawling toward the blessed close of the educational year, the early and precipitous arrival of vacation-weather is sooooo not helping our motivation. (And yes, I am including myself in the Tired-of-School crowd, 'cuz I've had enough of my support jobs--you know, Homework Checker, Academic Advisor, Test-Prep Assistant, Grade Monitor, and when necessary, Discipline Committee.) I freely admit I've resorted to pleading, lately, particularly with the 7th-grader, whose brain seems to have checked out on sabbatical already. "Please, buddy, keep it together for just a few more weeks," has become a sort of mantra around here, I'm sorry to say. How effective is this technique? With his Final Exams approaching, only time will tell...but I'm crossing my fingers, knocking on wood, throwing salt over my shoulder...and anything else I can think of to bolster the cause...

On the other hand, the 4th-grader, thus far blissfully unafflicted by Adolescent Boy Brain, marches along toward June 14th in his usual reliable way (and can I just say: never have I appreciated this quite so much as right now). In fact, he was just recognized with a trip to the Hard Work Cafe at school (where you have lunch with the other students selected, and the Assistant Principal...but not in a detention sort of way, but rather for congratulations. I don't totally understand it, but supposedly it's a cool thing.) Normally teachers decide who receives the honor, but this time his teacher asked the class to vote instead. Riley and two of his good friends were chosen by their peers (which I L-O-V-E, for several reasons: 1. I know the other winners, and they're great kids;  and 2. it's clear (to me and even his classmates) that Riley belongs to his own little Nerd Squad...kind of like a Superhero Gang...but defeating evil by wielding, oh, I don't know, Algebra and Parts of Speech, rather than brute force. Or maybe I saw Iron Man recently and have an excessively vivid imagination...yeah, that could be it...) Of course, you might be a bit obvious, when for a writing assignment you compose a persuasive essay entitled (not making this up) More Homework. Yeah, that's my child, lobbying for extra academic activity in the evenings. (Sigh. Where have I gone wrong? Ha--just kidding! Something springs to mind about apples...and trees...)

So as we prepare to turn the calendar page to June, we can finally count the number of remaining school days...using both hands. (Because, you know, that's a totally valid strategy for counting,...maybe Riley will write us an equation instead...) We can absolutely do this. And perhaps some quality time lounging by the pool this weekend will help recharge our pass the iced coffee...y'all!

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