Monday, December 29, 2014

A Strong Finish...

As if we hadn't already experienced heaps o' fun activities on our Maryland expedition...and weren't a tad loopy and tired because of it...Team WestEnders pushed through the entertainment overload to cram in just a few more social events before skedaddling southward. First we met some friends for lunch at a Greene Turtle location. (You know the restaurant I'm talking about, right? The ones with TV sets All. Over. The. Place. I'm not kidding--in our small alcove alone, we had THREE of them all to ourselves, each showing a different sports program. So the boys in attendance were utterly delighted and enthralled...and the grown ups could converse to their hearts' content...wait a's actually quite a brilliant and effective concept, now that I think about it...)

After approximately 3 hours of chatting (Yes, we do know how to run our mouths...) my crew took our leave to head over to my dad's house for one more evening of family bonding. On the schedule: a spirited football contest for the kiddos (which actually resembled more..."semi-organized running amok outside", but whatever...), a pizza dinner, and finally, a private screening of Guardians of the Galaxy. When the movie ended and it was time to go, the cousins all hugged one another with a cheerful, "See you in 6 months!" Whoa! That was...weird. I guess I haven't fully gotten used to the fact that we're really, several states away. But it's all good, because with this visit I called the inarguable "Tag, You're 'It'!"--so everyone is now charged with coming down to stay with us next time...ha! (Uh-oh...that also means I'd better get home and set up the guest bedroom...I'm on it!)

Then it was back to our borrowed beds for one more night, to spend a bit more time with our hosts (I know, that makes it sound like we're some sort of...Exchange Family...from the distant province of North Carolina. "Rare and exotic visitors from the southlands", that just about describes us, yeah? Or some such nonsense...) Anyway, after breakfast the next day we bid them order to drive all of a half-hour for a coffee date with some of my interpreter friends from my former job. There was java (mmmm), there were stories, there was catching up on...stuff. At last, it was time to get on the road in earnest. (After all, the dreaded beast known as "Northern Virginia" had yet to be conquered, in order for us to safely arrive understand now why the extra caffeine was absolutely necessary?)

I'd have to say that all in all this was a jam-packed, super-fun and wildly successful foray into our previous homeland. We got to meet up with a lotta friends, do a whole bunch of socializing, and enjoy ourselves immensely. (Heck, I didn't even freeze my patootie off this time--BONUS!) And now, we're just going to kick back, sit around on the couch, and commence relaxing for the next week of vacation.....hahahahahaha! Just kidding! We're breezing into the house, resting up as much as possible for 24-hours. tackling the mounds of laundry, reloading the suitcases, and rolling out on Tuesday morning for our next adventure. Speaking of which, if you'll excuse me, I need to go make sure my toothbrush got tucked back into my luggage...stay tuned for Tales from Asheville!

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