Sunday, March 8, 2015

Signs (signs, everywhere the signs)

With all the chaos that has ensued from an unexpected "Winter Break...The Sequel" my brain has--not surprisingly--been a bit befuddled...and scattered...lately. (What day is it? Where am I going? Whaddya mean the kids are staying home AGAIN?) So, befitting my mental state, here are some random things I've noticed in the past week:

Signs That Our 2-week Winterlude Might be Good...And...O-V-E-R. (I'm sorry, excuse me whilst I knock wood...throw salt over my shoulder...attempt to type with crossed fingers...): The last vestiges of crusty snow have been vanquished from yards and parking lots. The precipitation a few days ago that was supposed to change over to sleet...didn' us a more Spring-like day of torrential rain instead. And the boys were outside earlier in shorts and tee shirts on this 70* Sunday, throwing a baseball around...that is, until they paused for lunch...which they're currently enjoying alfresco on the screened-in porch.

On a related note, Signs That the Children Might Have Joined Me in the Anti-Winter Club: We had a delightful balmy day this past Wednesday, and when Derek returned home from school he reported in an exasperated tone, "All anyone wanted to talk about was 'I wish it was cold; I want snow!' And I was like, 'Guys, we HAD snow--it's not all that great. I'll take this kind of weather for the rest of the year!'" (This from the kid who whined a couple of months ago that I'd forced him to relocate to a place where he'd never see the frozen white stuff again...) Then when that icy mix was forecast for Thursday night, BOTH of them reacted with ear-splitting groans, followed by these words actually issuing from their mouths: "No! School better not be closed! I hope it's just a 2-hour delay." (Apparently a 14-day frigid season is just about enough for them, too...who knew?)

Signs That Derek is Getting (Even More) Comfortable in his New Hometown: Last night he was invited over to a friend's house around the corner for pizza...and to watch UNC take on Duke in a massive local rivalry game. (And can I just take a second to commend--and sincerely thank--the parents who welcomed seven 15-year old boys into their home...and FED them! Saints, I tell ya...) Now, being former Maryland residents, we have always supported the Terps. However, since they switched conferences, we are free--and have a clear conscience--to also root for the school that's situated approximately 3 miles from our front door. (Just as long as they're playing anyone besides UMD, it goes without saying...) What we shall N-E-V-E-R rally behind that other university in Durham. So when I was lamenting that the contest started at 9, and Derek would get to bed pretty late, he fervently argued, "Mom, it was your idea to move here, to a college town, and this is a a huge game. So I have to stay...for the whole thing...that's just how it is!" Well. Alrighty then...Go, 'Heels!

Signs I (Fortunately) Haven't Forgotten Everything I Ever Learned: After last week's awesomely fun Spanish experience, this week it was time to shift gears and try the ASL group. While "group" turned out to be a misnomer (only the founding member showed up for this particular meeting) it was nice to "chat" with someone and to reassure myself I can, indeed, still sign after 10 months of not using it. (Next week: Swahili! Just kidding...)

And finally, (Further) Signs That My Baby is Officially Growing Up (I mean, besides the obvious fact that he's almost taller than me by this point): Just when I was convinced that Riley would most likely maintain his stuffed animal collection--oh, I don't know...until he went to college, maybe?--he decided of his own volition to whittle it down by just-over-a-third. (Couched in purposefully Riley-precise terms, you'll notice...) Mind you, I'm not suggesting that I'm opposed to him clearing out some clutter...ever. But it seems like every day he becomes just a little bit less...childlike...and a wee bit a little man. (Okay, not so "little", but you know what I mean...) So we'll find someplace that will provide the creatures with nice homes and new children to love them. And I will continue to live in blissful denial about how much my sons are changing...yeah, that should work out fine, right? Sigh...

So there you have it, the contents of my Weekly Brain Purge. I feel so much...more organized! But then again...not enough to actually, you know, try to accomplish anything. Hey, we lost an hour of sleep last night, so the Signs point to it being time for...a nap!

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