Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Aaaannnd, the hubbub continues...

Because the WestEnders season o'celebrations marches on, let's talk about...wait, what's next? Oh yeah: Mother's Day! The Male Trio tried to be all stealthy and whatnot, sneaking out to the store on Saturday while I was running errands, and trying to get...secret stuff...tucked away before I returned. However, I showed up before they expected me, prompting Derek to meet me at the garage door and wave his hands around in an amusing, animated, but completely incomprehensible manner as I pulled my car in, until I finally yelled in exasperation, "What. Do you want me. To do?" Mercifully, he ceased with the ineffective made-up sign language and articulated, "You can't come in yet!" At least he then joined me in the Subaru, to keep me company while I waited to be allowed entrance into my own house.

It turned out that they'd been arranging a lovely bouquet of Spring blooms, which greeted me when I was finally permitted to, you know, walk in the door. On Sunday, I headed out before anyone else was stirring, to take part in the Fresh Air Fitness group I belong to--because nothing quite says "pamper yourself on Mother's Day" like an 8:30 a.m. Boot Camp workout, right? thinking was: at least the exercise portion of my day gets checked off early...and there's always the potential for obtaining iced coffee afterwards at Whole Foods with some of the's DO this thing!

As a further reward, back at Casa WestEnders there were cards from the guys, and a dark chocolate bar. (Yaaayyy!) I had already decided that my...ahem..."gift to myself"...was going to be refraining from all manner of chores for the day--specifically and most importantly the onerous one known as "laundry". But Husband did me one better when he asked, "Hey, do you wanna go see Guardians of the Galaxy for Mother's Day?" Um, hold on a minute and let me do realize you're giving me license to ogle the...celestial hotness...that is Chris Pratt, right? Okay, then, as long as we're clear on that, Sign. Me. Up! So we spent a delightfully pleasant family afternoon enjoying the first Summer blockbuster...and lots of popcorn, let's not forget that!

Alas, all too soon it was Monday again, and you know what that means: the fun is officially over. Oh, except that this week, Derek's low-key version of the Promposal was slated to occur, before classes started on Doomsday...I mean "Monday". He reported that it went off without a hitch...even with the tiny complication audience who figured out what he was doing and tagged along to watch! Nevertheless--as predetermined--she accepted, thereby successfully completing that portion of the...let's call it "organizational stage".

Which was fortuitous, as it led smoothly into the next step: corsage...wrangling. (Hey, it's my task, and I'm gonna call it what I want!) Derek had already confirmed with his date that he would be buying her corsage, and she'd be handling he insisted on calling it...."boo-tin-WAH". I raised my eyebrows when he told me this, and commented, "You know how to pronounce it correctly!" He smirked back and replied, "Yeah, but it's French, so I'm gonna say it that way!" (Siiiighhhhh....big honkin' gooberhead...)

I admit I was a wee bit concerned about the prospect of ordering a flower arrangement FOUR DAYS before the event, but what can ya do? So the teenager and I slunk into a local florist, approached the cheerful-looking young lady behind the counter, and explained our situation. I almost winced, anticipating a stern impatient huff...a sarcastic "are you kidding me, lady? eye roll. But she smiled reassuringly and said, "Oh, it's fine! People will even come in the day of Prom and pick something up!" Reeeaalllly? Well, that's just dandy, then! (Maybe this is a Chapel Hill thing? I can't see this happening in our old hometown, somehow...but thank goodness it was so uncomplicated!)

I swear, in under 10 minutes we'd discussed and made decisions about colors, types of blossoms to use, and coordinating ribbon--and of course by "we" I mean the clerk and me, since Derek stood there like a statue, mute and wearing a helpless "I have no idea what you're babbling about....and it honestly terrifies me a little...and I might bolt at any moment" expression. And as for the other thing I thought might be an issue: potential sticker shock from being charged an arm and a leg for being difficult and making such a last-minute demand? Uh-uh. Perfectly reasonable cost...and no extra "rush fee" as far as I could tell. So, done, and DONE...whoo hoo!

As if all this...promdemonium (Ha! I just made that up...maybe...let's go with that...) weren't enough, today is Husband's and my anniversary. (I TOLD you it was a wild, ongoing parade of festivities for us, didn't I?) However, with everything going on this week, we stuck to giving each other cards, wishing each other a "Happy 'Nother Year of Marriage", and calling it a...(Tues)day. For now, the To Do List has been least until Wednesday...hey, maybe the 19th anniversary is the one where you...take a NAP! (Yep, I'm declaring it...zzzzzz....)

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