Thursday, May 14, 2009


Disclaimer: in my last entry I swore (ha ha) that my husband and I avoid using "bad language" around our children. I was mostly telling the truth. In fact, Husband recently got in trouble for his unconscious habit of sprinkling conversation with the word "crap". I repeatedly pointed it out to him--okay, I huffed in exasperation and glared at him--and he would always look befuddled. The expression was so automatic, he didn't even register that he was saying it...constantly. And I know people use it all the time, as a relatively acceptable, mild oath. But really, it is yet ANOTHER word for poop. (Eskimos have dozens of words for 'snow'; American slang gives us...excrement. My boys do not need more options in this area!) To his credit, Husband has been diligently trying to monitor his speech. He's even adopted the inoffensive and amusing "crud monkeys!" as a substitute. However, for all our good intentions and examples inside our own house, I fear that it takes just one bus ride or recess chat to undo the hard work. Case in point: last week the 5-year old was struggling to get ready for school, and was close to tears of frustration. When I went to help him and asked what was wrong, he muttered, "I always have trouble with my frickin' socks!" So it's back to the drawing board...

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