Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In this case, "D" is for Delightful!

I realize I talk (okay--whine, moan, complain...) a lot about how Winter isn't exactly my favorite time of the year.  In fact, on my (imaginary) list of Things That Bring Me Joy, it would appear somewhere below "shaving my legs" (which I loathe) and "scooping the litter box" (which I utterly refuse to do...good thing Husband is willing!)  However, this is not going to be about how much Winter sucks!  Aren't you relieved?  (I know I am!)

So anyway, this Winter has been colder--make that MUCH colder--than the last few we've had in Maryland. Normally when the temperature starts heading downward, in the late Fall, my mood follows suit.  These are known as the Dark Days (literally and figuratively...curse those 5 p.m. sunsets!)  I get increasingly cold, which makes me cranky, which makes me want to wrap myself in a fleecy blanket and snooze. But unfortunately I have to get up sometime,which makes me cold...and it becomes a vicious cycle.

I promised you this wasn't going to be an anti-Winter rant, so are you waiting for the big BUT?  Here it comes: things are different this year! Even though it's been frigid, and snowy, and windy, I'm managing it better.  Physically, I'm not quite as icy-cold all the time.  Emotionally, I've been feeling more even-keeled, more positive.  And what has brought about this fabulous improvement, you ask?  Three simple words: Vitamin...D...GUMMIES!  That's right, the Sunshine Vitamin, in tasty, chewy, fruit-flavored bites. I've been reading tons of research lately in my "natural, healthy magazines" about how our indoor-based, SPF-50-wearing society doesn't get enough mood-and-immune-regulating Vitamin D from the actual Sun these days. And it finally sunk in: "hey, we're talking to you!"  So I figured it was worth a try, as an FDA-regulated, relatively inexpensive potential solution to my Winter Disease.  Now I happily pop my D-candy every morning, and you can just call me a Believer.  But don't call me Sunny...I'm not so chipper that I wouldn't smack you!

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