Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2 Down (yippee!), 2 go Go (sighhhh....)

Yes, it's that time of year again, folks. All but the most...spirited? unmotivated-to-undecorate?...have darkened their holiday lights. Christmas music and TV specials have disappeared from the airwaves. So now, we're left with...the rest of Winter. (And in my opinion, what's the use of cold and dreary, without festivities? Bah, humbug!) Around here, it's turning into a split-personality season, at that. Last week we survived the frigid Polar Vortex (I soooo need a t-shirt with that slogan...or maybe a nice wool pullover would be more realistic...), but both Monday and today, I went for a daytime walk without a coat. (Dear Climate-Control-Customer-Service: put me down for "strongly prefers the mild version of January". Thanks.) All I can say is, it's waaaayyy too early for me to start with Spring Fever symptoms...but unless they come up with a vaccine by, say, February 1st, I'm pretty sure it's a given.

It's also nearing the end of the school year's Second Quarter (one moment: yaaayyyyy!) which marks the halfway point. For Riley, this honestly doesn't mean much. Of course, he'll get a Report Card...and then his academic life will continue along, same as usual. (Ah, the blessed simplicity of Elementary School...) For Derek, there's a bit more...excitement. (I'm sure he wouldn't describe it quite like that, but...who's asking him, anyway?) He has Semester Exams in all of his classes, several of which will get recorded on his High School Transcript for credit, assuming he does well. (And if I have anything to say about it...oh wait, I have absolutely no influence on the outcome whatsoever...drat! Nothing to do but cross fingers, then...)

He's at an age when I pretty much trust that he'll handle his...scholarly responsibilities...and mostly this does, in fact, occur. But every once in a while he causes me a slight scare. (I almost suspect he has a nefarious plot to do this on a regular basis...just to keep me on my works...) For example, last night when I asked what exams he had to prepare for, he responded with, "Pshh, just P.E...and Science." Um, okay--I can understand the cavalier attitude from Athletic Boy towards gym class, but the other one might actually, you know, COUNT? He waved a hand dismissively and retorted, "Even if I get a 64%, it won't ruin my A for the quarter." Oh, well that's good....I mean, hold on just one cotton-pickin' minute, mister! Firstly, how the heck do you know that? Sure, I get that it's just a mathematical average, and all, but what I'm really asking is: why have you bothered to calculate that particular formula? Hmmmm? On second thought, never mind--just go to your room...and study!

Whew! Sometimes I think Mom should get a quarterly Parental Progress Report...with categories such as "Supporting Student Learning", "Grade Monitoring", and "Homework Checking" ...and if I perform to a high standard, I could earn...I don't know...time off for good behavior? Preferably at a toasty, serene beach somewhere? Now if you'll excuse me, I really need to look into implementing such a program...ASAP!

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