Thursday, February 13, 2014

Again with the Winter...

I do NOT want to be one of those people who moans/whines/grouches...writes...about the weather all the dang time, but oh well, here goes anyway: holy guacamole, folks, this Winter is KILLIN' me! (Okay, not literally, but more in a "the constant frigidity and frequent frozen-precipitation is sucking the very life out of me" way...and apparently, increasing my inherent Drama Factor as well...) Remember that it was last year, the first day of the kids' alleged Spring Break, that we experienced the proverbial "snowflake that broke the camel', 'woman's'... back". It was on that day that Operation Relocation was hatched with a vengeance. Since then it's undergone a couple of major amendments, but the idea that has remained constant is that this is my Final. Winter. In. Maryland. As such, can I just express how much it, how to put this delicately...S-U-C-K-E-D?

Each time we've been pummeled with the white stuff, I have comforted myself with the thought that it's "the last time I'll have to deal with this nonsense...or shovel...possibly ever". Well, so far I've...enjoyed...about four such "last Winter storms ever" (and counting, as there's unfortunately lots of the season left, and plenty more time for...more torture...) and frankly, it's getting a bit ridiculous. In our county, schools have now been closed 7 days--3 more than are built into the calendar for such events--and even though this week's will be excused, due to the declared State of Emergency, at this rate they'll be making them up until, oh, approximately July 4th. Happy....Still-Stuck-In-Class-Day, right?

Anyway, at least this time, when we went out to clear the driveway and the sidewalk leading to our front door...and the street in front of our property (so the plow--when it eventually shows up, that is--won't re-block us in)...and our neighbors' driveway and the steps leading up to their house (because they're an older couple, and shouldn't be even attempting to tackle over a foot of wet, weighty snow)...we had three capable bodies available for the Derek has been taller, heavier--and quite possibly stronger--than me for a while now. Not the kind of family bonding I'd necessarily choose, but it'll have to do for the moment...until we can resume our preferred kinds of hiking...and training for the Springtime 5Ks that we did last year...(Wistful sigh...)

At least the boys are fairly gleeful that they're getting their fair share of a "real Winter" (and then some) before we move away. But even they are beginning to long for such delightful things as warmer temps, outdoor time spent in shorts and practice. As for me, I can strongly assert that at this point, I would rather face the...Zombie Apocalypse than the...Snowpocalypse. So, if the Weather Gods are listening at all, groundhog be...darned...bring on the Spring....PLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE!

Not so much helping...

Definitely helping...


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