Monday, June 30, 2014

Week One Wrapup

So, we've officially been North Carolina residents for a whole entire week (the underlying implication of course being "and they haven't thrown us out...yet"!) so it must be time for thoughtful reflection on our experiences so far. Hahahahahaha! Just kidding--more like "random thoughts from my tired, overloaded, addled brain...that is if I haven't oh-so-neatly stowed it away in a cabinet somewhere in the unpacking frenzy, and then forgotten where I put it...we'll see how it goes...

First things first: since clutter is my mortal enemy (Oh, all right, that might be a little dramatic. Let's just say it makes me...violently unhappy...) I attacked the landscape of boxes immediately. (Yeah, even before the movers had finished bringing them's a problem, I admit it. Is there a support group for, say, Overzealous Organizers? 'Cuz you can sign me right the heck up....) By the end of the first day, I'd managed to find a place for pretty much everything, (However, whether we ever find anything again? That's will remain to be seen...or, you know, "not"...) It wasn't all work, though--I managed to make my way to the local Target...Bed Bath & Beyond...Home Depot. (Hey, I'm just doing my best to learn the retail scene, right? Making a mental map...of stores...or whatever...)

Then it was time for the deeply important stuff--like patronizing a grocery store before the hungry hordes staged an uprising in protest of the large, lovely...yawningly empty...refrigerator and pantry. Fortunately, there's a Harris Teeter about a mile up the road. Unfortunately, except for an impressive array of beer and wine, I was underwhelmed by this particular location. Unexpectedly, the Food Lion about another mile further saved the day with a decent selection and much better prices--whew! (I won't be facing a Food Revolt...this week, anyway....) At least while I was perusing the disappointing HT, I did happen to notice the yoga studio in the adjacent building (my undeniable tipoff was the crowds of people exiting in stretch pants....too many to be just a casual-clothing-coincidence). They have a pretty extensive schedule, even in the Summer months, so, I can get my "om" on, 5 minutes from my house...YESSSS! In addition, although I haven't made time to stop in yet, I'm told that the Weaver Street Market on the other side of the same building is a wonderful place to browse for local, organic, in-season edibles. (Sounds totally like my kind of place...put it on the To Do List...)

Speaking of local matters, we took a very momentous step: obtaining Library cards. This means we have the opportunity to check out books to read on our back porch (that is, as soon as we purchase some furniture, also on the aforementioned List) while watching the roving packs of deer. (And I know I'm prone to exaggerating, but believe me when I say I have NEVER seen as many Bambis as there are around here. All hours of the day, nibbling on the plant life, gazing placidly at you like "Yeah? Nothin' to see, here--move along, human." Seriously, they just stare at you for a moment and go right back to munching. Now, where was I? Oh yeah...) Also, Husband took the time to visit the DMV for a North Carolina driver's license. We were warned ahead of time that we'd have to take a written test for this, so he did the responsible thing and studied online...and passed...and returned home to clue me in on the material so I could also be successful when I get around to it. (What? I'm just waiting for a really good hair day, of course!)

On the subject of motoring, and such: one thing I'm noticing is that every single time I venture out, no matter what the hour or the weather, I pass walkers, runners, and cyclists by the handful. Now, there were also bikers on the streets in the area we moved from--but I thought they were certifiably nuts to be risking their lives among D.C.-type-drivers. Even when we scouted around here, before committing to the transfer, I realized that in many places there are actual bike lanes designated on the side of the road, allowing 2-wheelers and 4-wheelers to (hopefully) exist in harmony...and safety! Love it. In terms of further outdoor activities, since we're only about a half-mile from the Middle School Riley will be attending, we scoped out the facilities. They have a soccer pitch, a really nice baseball field with a cage, (like for batting practice) and even their own track. The boys have already gotten into a routine of loading up a backpack with gloves, balls, bats, and water bottles, and walking over to the school to play. In fact, one day they were gone so long I had to text them to come home for you KNOW they were having a good time!

And there you have it: a crazy-busy week of getting stuff done and checking tasks off the infamous List. Must be time to rest now, right? Oh's Monday again. Sigh...and away we goooooo...

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