Saturday, July 5, 2014

Going forth on the Fourth

Because here at Team WestEnders, we're nothing if not conventional (pause for merry, disbelieving laughter...continue) we honored our country's birthday by celebrating in a completely traditional way. You know, lounging by the pool...picnicking...oohing and aahing over fireworks displays. Or...wait...we did absolutely NONE of those things, whatsoever. Uh-oh, does that make us bad Americans? Are we going to be penalized on some kind of--I don't know--Stars and Stripes Point System, and have to make it up with extra time spent grilling hotdogs (or veggie burgers, as it were)...and watching baseball...and sipping cold beer, to prove our patriotism? (That doesn't sound bad at all, actually...just go ahead and sign me up for that program...)

But we have plenty of excuses--I  mean "valid reasons for ignoring our cultural heritage...and whatnot". You see, we haven't found our way to the local pool yet. (Sure, I looked up the location, and the hours, and even ascertained that it's FREE...but we just haven't actually made the trip so far...) And while we have been (well, Husband has been, at least) barbecuing regularly with the new grill, we haven't yet acquired patio furniture, forcing us to eat the fire-cooked meals indoors. (I did order the table and chairs, does that count? We'll be dining alfresco in 7 to 10 short days, baby...)

As for displays of pyrotechnic grandeur, we had plans to attend the one offered on UNC's campus, in the stadium. However, earlier in the day we had opted to explore a nearby recreational area that we'd been wanting to visit. (For such a long time--you know, like the almost-2-weeks we've lived here...) So when we finished our approximately 3-1/2 mile hike at Jordan Lake, we were too dusty, sweaty, tired and hungry to contemplate anything more strenuous than showering and ordering pizza. (Hey, that counts as a legitimate pastime in the good old US-of-A, right? I'm talking about the pizza consumption, not the showering...although of course that's highly encouraged as an appropriate American activity as well...oh, never mind...)

Anyway, I'm sure our forefathers would appreciate our tromping through the woods and admiring unspoiled nature on their behalf--yeah, that's it, we were just being "pioneer-like"! Ha! Furthermore, tomorrow we're going to a Durham Bulls baseball game, so that should help send our Red, White, and Blue cred skyrocketing once more. Whew, no National Detention for us, thank you very much! Now if you'll excuse me, perhaps I can do something about that frosty brewed beverage...strictly for a show of All-American loyalty and pride, of course...

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