Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wet, Not-so-Wild Wednesday

Today began when we all got dressed and went down to chug a gallon or so of coffee—what? I mean “partake of the breakfast buffet”. In retrospect, we shouldn’t have bothered with the land-clothing in the first place. (After all, it’s absolutely not mandatory at a place like this, and many people stroll around from sunup to sundown in their swimwear…we’ve really gotta learn to embrace that cultural mindset before we leave…) You see, we spent the rest of our Wednesday bouncing back and forth between Mother Ocean and…I don’t know…Papa Pool? (Yeah, I don’t think that one’s gonna catch on, either…)

It dawned completely sunny for the first time since we’ve been here, and as a result, it was also much HOTTER. As in: both the pool deck and the sand scorched your feet unbearably within a second or two of touching them with bare skin. Therefore, “wet” seemed like just the thing to be. Also, you know,“sticky”, as we faithfully gooped on the SPF 50. (Lather, swim, repeat…I swear on days like this I feel like I’m expending an enormous amount of energy…fending off the otherwise life-giving rays of the sun. Thank goodness for my mega-skin-covering rashguard shirt, and my big floppy hat, that’s all I can say…)

It was a day when my hair was styled (although that might be a very strong word for it) by salt water and chlorine. When we spent very little time dry. When shoes were an optional accessory. When the toughest choice we had to make was “What should we sample at the swim-up bar?" Followed directly by: "No, I wanted the Banana Mama, you can have the Copacabana.” When the most exciting occurrences involved Derek spilling guacamole all over his swimsuit at lunch (and thereafter being referred to as Guacamole Pants….of course) and Riley—not to be outdone by his gooberhead older sibling--ripping his suit entirely in HALF in an ill-conceived attempt to leapfrog the fountain that sits in the middle of the pool. (Leaving me with my hands on my forehead, wondering WHY we take them ANYWHERE?) Oh...yeah, and reportedly while snorkeling just off the shore, they spotted a whole bunch of cool fish specimens—but that totally pales in comparison, right?

And...that’s about it for Wednesday…lots of sun, surf, and swimming. Tonight everyone should be able to sleep like rocks, which is for the best, since tomorrow we rise at the crack of oh-good-grief-it’s-too-dang-early-for-this-nonsense (that would be “6:30” on the regular clock, by the way) to slurp as much java as possible (yeah, yeah, and “food”), board the Terror Bus one more time, and go visit a volcano. Please, please do me a favor and keep your fingers crossed that the Disaster Brothers got it all out of their system today…so no one actually FALLS IN…stay tuned….

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