Monday, October 12, 2015


October has always been one of my favorite months. We get cooler, less drippy weather, which makes it even more enjoyable to be outdoors than in the Summertime (when we still go out and frolic in nature, to be's just, shall we say, "sweatier"). The brilliantly-cloaked trees offer a panoramic treat for the eyes. Of course, we already know how my tastebuds feel about the pumpkin-flavored everything. (Picture them doing a...gastronomic happy dance...or whatever...) And finally, at long last, a legitimate excuse to put on a cozy sweatshirt (rather than just the disturbing corporate tendency to simulate Arctic conditions via overly-aggressive-air-conditioning).

After our recent stretch of meteorological madness that felt almost dire enough to inspire a frenzy of...Ark-building (not quite 40 days...but a solid 2 weeks of near-constant precipitation is plenty, thanks very much) seems we've turned the corner into Autumn. Right now we have what I, personally, would consider the "best of both worlds": night time temperatures dipping low enough to warrant flannel sheets on the bed, but daytime highs climbing into the 70s. (Yaaaayyy!)

While in our region we haven't yet seen the leaves donning their Fall colors, the acorns are certainly leaping from the trees, which can surely be taken as a sign to the manic squirrels that run rampant in our neighborhood that it's time to SCURRY COLLECT HIDE STOCKPILE the dang things for the coming Winter. Sometimes it sounds as if our house is under attack, with the little buggers thwacking and bouncing off the roof (that is, the acorns, not the squirrels...I just want to be clear...) I swear, either we've got some extra-large oak seeds...or possibly our furry rodent population has some serious anger issues.

(If you think I'm exaggerating, you should come to my house some day and attempt to retrieve the mail by negotiating our steep driveway. With...projectile nut bombs...raining down on your head. While also paying attention to the ones already on the ground, just lying in wait to roll under your feet and send you hurtling down the hill in a not-so-funny cartoon-character-pratfall moment. I'm just speaking hypothetically, of course....)

Although there are still flowers blooming all over the place, some folks have taken advantage of the favorable weather to get outside and adorn their houses with Halloween decor. And on the last portion of my long and winding drive to work, I pass a field...which I noticed a couple of weeks ago had--seemingly overnight--sprung a plethora of bright orange pumpkins. Since then I've enjoyed observing them every Tuesday and Thursday, as they grow and ripen in the October sunshine.

This month also is known for....let's call it the Winds of Change (aaannnnd, that's just I have the Scorpions song stuck in my head...ay yi yi...). There are a few more weeks of Riley's cross-country and Derek's soccer seasons. The first marking period for the academic year ends next Friday. And as for me? Well, I was offered (and accepted) a new job that is tentatively set to begin next Monday. "But, wait just a cotton pickin' minute," I can hear you protesting. (Jeez, you sound exactly like my Great Aunt Renie! That's just spooky...) "Aren't you already employed? What's up with that?"

The answer is: until the end of the current semester I'm going to attempt to...use my Time Machine (patent pending) and thereby manage to be in 2 places at once! Yeah, I wish. But seriously, I plan to continue interpreting 2 days a week, and going in to the office (which is, thankfully, 10 minutes from my house) the other 3, until classes wrap up in early December. This will mean that things around Casa WestEnders will probably be a"discombobulated"...without me having my typical "errand time" available to get...stuff....done. But after all the sports finish, the daily picking-up/dropping-off-kids routine will cease to be an issue.

And (she grins in her best Evil Genius "this just occurred to me but I love it" kind of way) I can probably use my "overbooked" excuse to shove some of the...less desirable...chores...onto Husband's To Do List! Such as, oh, I don't know, I'm just thinking out loud, here...the weekly Costco trip...mwah hah hah! (Hey, being "home-based" these days, he sometimes notes how seldom he gets out of the house. So really, I'm doing him a FAVOR, yeah? Sure, we'll go with that...)

Anyway, that's the scoop. Because, Heaven forbid things get too "settled" around here, ya know? Eh, if I find the temporary...double agent....situation difficult to cope with...I'll just have to drink more pumpkin spice lattes, right? Stay tuned...and wish me luck!

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