Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Hey, who made off with the afternoon sunlight? (And my brain.....)

Okay, raise your hand if you've ever had the kind of week where you're like, "Seriously, what day is it? Who needs to be taken where? And while we're at it, does anyone know what the heck I'm supposed to be doing?" Yeah? Whew--me, too. (Wait...I'm talking to myself right now, aren't I? Um...I mean "thinking out loud again"...uh-huh, that's totally it.)

Anyway, let's try to figure this thing out, shall we? Well, the week started off with the dreaded "change your clocks" decree. Why does this cause Casa WestEnders? I'm not completely sure, to be honest. I know that I personally feel extra-tired for a few days. (Due to my circadian rhythms taking their own sweet time to shift and get with the updated program? Your guess is as good as mine....) But what we all agree on is that we LOATHE the fact that darkness starts descending upon us by 5:30...after which it quickly appears to be oh, around 10 p.m...making us all want to just curl up and go to bed. Which is why I suggested to Derek that we just get real and call it Daylight Suckage Time from this point forward. (Go ahead, feel free to use that, I don't mind at all.)

Then, all of a sudden it was Monday. (No, I don't have any idea how it snuck up on me. Clearly, though, it cannot be trusted.) Now this particular day always brings its own...challenges...of course, but in this case they were compounded by the fact that Husband had to hightail it out of here for yet another business trip. So, I went to the office (Right? It yep, that's the one. See, I told you I was confused...) after informing the children that they would be arriving home before me by just a little while.

When I returned, it was to find a forlorn Derek standing on the back porch waiting for someone to come and let him into the house. The sheepish teenager had been unable to locate his key--but at least he was under cover. (Sigh...) On the bright side, we received a reprieve from the sports practice merry-go-round, because steady rain and puddly fields prompted the league to cancel soccer workouts for the evening.  (And by the way: AGAIN with the wet stuff? Reeeaalllly?)

Aargh, what are we up to? Oh yeah, Tuesday. Let's see....the kids had Election Day off from school (which they cast their ballots strongly in favor of....ha!) but I had to leave for a few hours in the afternoon to go to my other gig, interpreting at the Ends of the Earth. I'm sorry, I mean "Fuquay Varina". (In case you're wondering, I believe it's North Carolinian for "the middle of freakin' nowhere...y'all".)

Moving right along, Wednesday I repeated the pattern of heading to my desk for a full day of...Program-Assistant-type-tasks. The grass was still quite soggy, but Riley's coach (bless his highly motivated little futbol loving heart) scrambled to relocate their practice to a nearby park that wasn't closed. AND the dear man offered to drop my son off at home afterwards, since pickup time directly conflicted with something verrrrry once-weekly dance class. (I mean really, I shuttle these guys around all the livelong day--mostly willingly and without complaint. But I must firmly draw the line at giving up my precious hour of...boogie-ing.)

Before setting off to shake what my mama gave me...or some such nonsense...I prepped salads for the ravenous beasts. (Or, you know, "adolescent boys"....Huh, it's basically the same thing, isn't it? Never mind...) And I left them with instructions to microwave hotdogs to complete their meal. Actually if I recall correctly, what I implored them to do was "Pleeeeease, for the love of Pete (whoever he is), feed yourselves before I get back!" It must have worked, because they were just sitting down to dinner when I pulled up. (Yaaaayyy! Self-sufficiency....sort of....WHATEVER, it's good enough for tonight!)

And that brings us up to date. Wait, it's still Wednesday, yeah? Okay, that means tomorrow is another "drive drive drive, interpret for a while, drive drive drive" day. But just...hang in there...Friday's coming! Hey...maybe if I go to bed NOW, it'll get here sooner. After all, it's so pitch black outside that it sure FEELS like it's about midnight...zzzzzzzzz. (Wake me on Thursday...and remind me what the agenda is, will ya? Thanks...)

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