Thursday, March 31, 2016

WestEnders Gone...Not Wild At All...

Okay, I have to admit, I have been verrrry spoiled by the fact that--even after I completed the academic portion of my life and moved on into the professional phase--I still managed to get a Spring Break every year. First as a speech-pathologist employed by public school systems, then as an interpreter for a community college, I always appreciated that week off to recharge, reboot, and relax. So--not counting last year, in which I was still searching for my Next Career--this is the first time...well, since kindergarten, really...that I have NOT had a March or April hiatus. And boy, do I miss it! (I know, I know, "Cry me a river", right?" Sometimes this whole "adulting thing" sucks, and you've just gotta pull up your skirt and deal with it, blah blah blah...I hear ya. Still doesn't change the fact that I want a vacation right about now...I mean, c'mon--don't we all deserve it...just for putting up with Winter? Yeeeahhh, that's it! New plan: Solstice Celebration! Who's with me? Oh...where was I?)

Anyway, don't get me wrong, I still love my "new" job (when should I stop calling it that? I've been there 5 months, now...) but while my children were lounging around the house this week, I was toiling away at work. Let's see, what sorts of things did I accomplish? I translated eight 25x30 inch poster sheets of notes, scribbled during a meeting (which I did not attend, so some of the content was...shall we say..."about as clear as hieroglyphics") into an organized spreadsheet. Researched and booked hotels, registration, and flights for several people attending conferences in other cities. Followed up on technical issues revolving around 1) final audio/visual setup of our conference room, and 2) our copier being a pain in the neck--I'm sorry, "refusing to scan and email to me when I asked it politely".

I also received training on how to test the functionality of surveys using the Survey Monkey platform. I remotely dialed in as my office's Safety Coordinator representative to a web-based meeting about emergency procedures. I did short-turnaround edit of several documents that needed to be submitted to a government agency. Oh, and finally, when all of that other "stuff" was taken care of, I got around to addressing the task I thought I'd be focusing on for the entire workweek: data entry of test scores, for an ongoing educational project . It was all fairly intensive...and ultimately satisfying...but let me tell ya, I'm soooo glad tomorrow's Friday...otherwise known as "My Free-Day".

So when I arrived home this afternoon, and Derek asked how my day was, I mustered a weary sigh and a one-word summary: "Busy!" He flashed an impish grin, faked a yawn stretched, and said, "Yeah, I'm tired too...all this time off is really wearing me out!" (Smart a...leck...) Speaking of which, what did the slackers--I mean "sons"--manage to achieve during all of their non-school-hours? Hmm...well, last Friday we did manage to meet a college friend of mine for dinner--she messaged me that, "due to a long story" she and her family would be at NC State for the night, and was that close enough to me to travel to see her? Um...dude! 45 minutes or less...we're on it! Mind you, Derek was slightly disgruntled, as it encroached on his standing "Friday night with my posse" date, but he got excellent Italian food out of the deal, so he sucked it up (literally--the boy decimated a calzone that was pretty much as big as his head.

Then on Saturday, the Male Trio took off for South Carolina to "hang out with the old folks" as Husband so charmingly says. During their special Grandparent Bonding Session the children particularly bask in the glory of being fed like kings. (All the Swedish Fish....sugary cereals....and meat-based meals....they can's an episode of decadence and indulgence for the adolescent set...) They always make sure to visit the beach--and apparently this time Derek actually DROVE there. (I'm told Riley clutched the passenger door-handle with a death grip the entire time, but everything turned out okay, apparently.) And reportedly they help out with such scintillating household chores as "clipping the cats' claws" and "weeding the shrubs". (Hey, at least they sort of earned their keep while being pampered at Camp Mimi and Pap Pap!)

And tomorrow--whoo hoo--the weather's not supposed to be terribly cooperative, so we're going on a little Retail Field Dick's Sporting Goods. This may not sound overly thrilling to YOU, but trust me when I say, it's one of the boys' favorite places on Earth. For two athletic guys, I swear it's like...Gear  and Equipment Heaven. Then--and yes, I have given fair warning, so I'm not springing this on them--we're making a quick stop at DSW so I can look for replacement running shoes. Man...I don't know if we can handle all this crazy fun and excitement. I know: we'd better come home afterwards, wrap ourselves in blankets, and watch TV on the sofa. Yep, that sounds just about the right speed, to head into the final weekend of Spring Break 2016!

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