Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Cheating Vegetarian

I recently read a quote--I can't properly cite it, since I can't remember what famous person said it, or what magazine it was in--but it was something like, "I'm not a vegetarian because I love animals...but rather because I hate vegetables." Since I started dabbling in vegetarianism about 6 months ago, I find that even funnier now! People always want to know why I stopped eating meat, and the short answer is simply, 'because I don't like it anymore.' Yes, I support vegetarianism for environmental and philosophical and health reasons, but I've always had those leanings. It really just came down to the fact that I started feeling grossed out by the idea (and the actual process!) of consuming animal flesh. So why do I admit to being a cheater? I still eat, and greatly enjoy, seafood. "Real" vegetarians turn up their noses in scorn at this, but somehow, I don't view sea-dwellers and land-creatures in the same way. That's a whole other discussion, however. I could never be vegan either, since I love cheese and ice cream. And I staunchly refuse to feel guilty about that! Living in a house with 3 carnivores adds to the challenge, but so far they are, if not exactly rallying to the cause, then at least supporting the effort. Well, they don't really have a choice, since I'm the one who shops and prepares meals! As a household, we are eating a lot less animal product, and a happy side effect is that I'm forced to experiment with new and interesting ways to cook veggies and grains, to keep everyone's palate excited--and stomach full. Let's face it, "adventures with vegetables" is just a fresh wrinkle to my already "nature loving, recycling, composting, save-the-planet" personality. Must be time to go hug a tree!

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