Thursday, September 25, 2008

Falling in love with Autumn

Some people lament the end of summer, even with its blazing heat and dripping humidity. They miss light, breezy wardrobes, hours of sunshine, eating outside. I admit these have a certain appeal. But after months of sticky clothes, goose-pimply air-conditioned buildings, and slimy sunblock, I am more than ready to leap into the next season. So, in honor of the Equinox, I present my personal list of Autumn favorites:
9. Crunchy, juicy apples (unlike the soggy, mealy ones you can get in the summer)
8. Switching from crisp, cool cotton sheets to soft, toasty flannel
7. Sipping warm tea on chilly mornings
6. Crackly leaves underfoot--I even enjoy raking them, though they make me sneeze!
5. Clean, crisp, light air; not the summer swamp of humidity and pollen that lies on your skin and clogs your nose
4. School! new teachers, new notebooks, new things to learn
3. Baseball is still going (not for the pathetic Orioles, but at least we can still watch some GOOD games)
2. Sweaters--haven't seen them for 5 months, suddenly they're appealing again! and might I add that Back to School shopping isn't strictly for the kids?
1. PUMPKIN EVERYTHING: pumpkin muffins, pumpkin butter, pumpkin beer--whatever they put it in, I'll try. So many options, so little time...

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