Thursday, October 2, 2008

Confessions of the (mildly ) Electronically Challenged

I've made a bold, even brash leap in my personal life. I ditched my paper-and-pen-planner and went digital. I know, it's been a long time coming; I'm probably the last person on the planet not called "Grandma" to make this move. I just couldn't seem to let go of the habit of scribbling, color-coding, was a pain, but it made my schedule visible and tangible to me. I wondered what would happen if I couldn't glance over and see my lists of appointments and chores at all times; would my life feel less real to me if it existed only in cyberspace? You can see my dilemma! (Then again, in plain black and white, it looks ridiculous, so maybe you don't.) Even though I've never been afraid of technology, it was tough for me to trust a machine to take over. However, now I have to admit I feel pretty hip typing reminders into my little MP3 player. Somehow, "volunteer at school" and "D's baseball game" manage to look official and slightly cooler than than they were on the mundane piece of paper. Of course, I also know I actually can check it whenever I want, by turning it on, clicking a few times, scrolling through...almost makes me miss my markers!

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