Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Future Earth-Guardians!

In my house one of my honorary positions is "Recycling Coordinator". (My husband calls it a Dictatorship, but I'll let you decide.) Duties include overseeing the placement of all cans, glass containers, and plastic items in the weekly collection bin, rather than the garbage. I have been known to pluck questionable materials, such as yogurt tubs, from the trashcan and instruct the family as to why they must be recycled, rather than discarded. After a few incidents where I snatched things from my sons' hands as they took their last bite, they learned to ask, "Recycle or trash, Mommy?" It also warms my heart to watch them cutting and pasting at their art table, then bringing each and every tiny scrap of leftover paper to the Mixed Paper bin. But I truly knew my teaching had taken root when we were driving in the car the other day and my younger son exclaimed from the back seat, "Derek, you can't throw that away, it's not biodegradable!" Bless my little tree-huggers!

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