Sunday, October 5, 2008

Train 'em Early!

We were almost out of organic milk, and since I had to drag the boys with me, I opted for Roots Market. They may have expensive stuff, but they have free sample stations scattered throughout the store! Anyway, we don't go there often, so we simply must browse. After turning down requests for croissants and similarly sticky, sugary treats, I conceded that the boys could each choose one item, subject to Mom approval, of course. My 8-year old disappeared for a few minutes, then showed up with a box of cereal. He proceeded to plead his case for "Leaping Lemurs" by stating: "I checked the label, and it has no saturated fat, no trans fat, no partially hydrogenated oil, and eight grams of sugar. Oh, I forgot to check the fiber! Two grams, is that enough?" The clerk standing near us gaped in apparent disbelief at this speech and finally stammered, "He's well-educated, isn't he?" I couldn't have been prouder of my little walking advertisement for healthy eating. Evidently all my yammering about nutrition is, in fact, sinking in. I didn't have the heart to tell him that in that particular store, just about anything he picked up would have been acceptable. He seemed so pleased with himself as we turned our attention to finding some yummy-but-good-for-you cookies--after all, we had been so virtuous, we deserved a reward!

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