Thursday, October 23, 2008

A (partial) Happy List

Things I have enjoyed lately, in no particular order:
1. picking chocolate chunks right out of the bowl while baking (I just did this, and boy, do I have brownie-breath!)
2. taking a Fall walk, feeling the still-warm sunshine, sniffing that smoky fireplace aroma, watching the leaves skittering down from the trees, hearing the crisp breeze stir those that are already underfoot.
3. Speaking of which: raking. I know, I'm weird. But as I see it, this is one chore that gives you fresh air and exercise. Bonus: you can actually see your progress as you clear the yard. And when the last leaf has tumbled down, you're done for a year! Beats dusting any day.
4. Volunteering at my kids' school. This week I got to hang a bulletin board, listen to 3rd graders read, and play Alphabet Bingo. I even got a sticker in Kindergarten for my good work!
5. Not having to watch the Yankees in the playoffs. Go Phils!
6. Bumping along on a hayride to the pumpkin patch, then tromping around, earnestly searching for just the right one for our front-porch jack-o-lantern.

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