Monday, October 13, 2008


I recently read that the term "tween" describes kids ages 8 to 12. But surely that only applies to girls, I thought. My 8-year old son still calls me Mommy, and asks if we can have a cuddle when I tuck him in at night. Then one day, with no warning whatsoever, Attitude showed up. It brought along its cousins, Sarcasm and Backtalk. Suddenly, my sweet little boy became a master of the rhetorical question. For example--Mom: "Time to do your homework!" Formerly obedient, charming child: "Who, me?" (delivered with all the sneer he can muster, which fortunately isn't that much...yet.) This of course assumes I haven't forgotten to lift the headphones so he can actually hear me over the Jonas Brothers. I consider this a warning phase. I know it won't be long before he starts trying out other delightful behaviors like eye-rolling and stomping off to his room in a huff. So for now, I'll treasure the moments when he folds his almost-too-big body onto my lap and gives a great big hug to his Mommy.

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