Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy...what do we call it...'10s?

So, New Year's Eve...another year has flown by...but that's the rhythm of life, and the way of the world, and I can take it in stride.  What I somehow didn't realize--until I heard a DJ mention it on the radio--was that the DECADE is over as well.  Jeez, so much for my calm, philosophical perspective on 2010! How could this happen?  (Although I guess the actual number: two-thousand...TEN should have been my first clue.)  It seems like only yesterday we were fretting about the impending Y2K disaster, right? Then, poof! The first decade of the millennium is just gone.

Scrambling to process this major oversight on my part, I immediately decided I should try to write something profound for my last blog entry of the year, words that capture the essence of the past twelve months with poignancy and humor...but as I sat down to my computer with fingers poised over the keyboard, my sons raced by, whooping and stripping off their clothes, shoving each other on the way to the shower (sorry for the visual!)...and my ever-so-brief hold on deep, meaningful thought was utterly lost.

However, that little display (so to speak) brings up one way my life is quite different now than it was ten years ago: as I welcomed the year 2000 (with hot tea, fuzzy pjs, and bed at 10 p.m.), I was pregnant with Derek. My last decade absolutely was defined by Motherhood, with all of its joys, tears, and craziness. And the other big change for me is also the childrens' fault--I mean a natural result of having children. When Derek was born, I was a full-time Speech-Language Pathologist (you know, the career I trained for, in 6 agonizing years of college and grad school; oh well, so much for that!).  I've since embarked on the dual career track of Stay-At-Home-Mom/Sign Language Interpreter.  I guess you could say I'm a very different person, personally and professionally, than I was ten years ago!

With sons that are 9-years old (greatly looking forward to reaching his own "decade-mark") and 6-years old, I cannot predict what the next ten years will bring.  I can state with confidence, however, that like any good roller-coaster, it will be a thrilling (maybe at times nauseating) ride. I wish you the same (without the queasiness, of course)!

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