Saturday, December 12, 2009

Next on ESPN Jr: Reporting on Roundball

Derek played in his very first Elementary League basketball game today.  Forty minutes of intense competition, of thrilling fast breaks, of graceful layups, of...oh, forget it.  The reality was more like:  a gymful of 4th and 5th graders, trying not to trip over each other or elbow someone else in the face.  During an early lull in the action, my mind started wandering, and I found myself pondering the name chosen for this Division:  Pee Wees.  WHY would they do that?  It makes the boys sound like Munchkins in hightops, rather than the raw-but-talented young athletes they are...I was just working up to an elaborate in-my-head-rant, but it was cut short by the referee's he called a timeout for "untied shoes." There were no fewer than three of these during the game.  So okay, maybe they aren't quite so professional yet.

In a lucky coincidence, the opposing team included Derek's best friend from school.  As two similarly-shrimpy (I mean "smaller-sized but still quite tough") guys, they guarded each other all day. However, it turned out to be a sadly lopsided contest, with Derek's team running rampant over the court, racking up points seemingly at will.  It got so bad, we parents broke into a loud and heartfelt cheer when the OTHER team finally nailed their first basket.  However for us, as an introduction to organized hoops, I would have to call the game an unqualified success.  Derek did not get crunched by a larger kid (always a possibility at his size); he had several assists and steals, and scored his first point (yes, just one:  a free throw after he got his best friend!); and his team won (37-4, but who remembers these things?  Oops, I guess I do!)  Pass the Gatorade, but don't call him Pee Wee!

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Sandy Presgraves said...

My 4th graders team came up with the name "Lemons" -- and that was the best of the names they came up with! I emailed the coach and told him we really need to do something about the name. So he changed it, thank goodness. I cant even remember what it is now, but it is better than "Lemons". By the way, my son voted for "Redskins", but since it was a basketball team, his idea got shut down.