Friday, February 19, 2010

I thought February was supposed to be a SHORT month!?

So, it's still winter (sigh). I fervently hoped I would just wake up and Spring would have magically arrived overnight. But I must not have slept long enough, because the calendar still says "February" (which really should be a 4-letter word, am I right?), and the thermometer still says "Too Flippin' Cold, go back inside and put your heavy coat on whether you want to or not" (I have a very bossy thermometer).  But I am preparing to exercise my imagination tonight (you know, so it doesn't gain that sitting-on-the-couch-watching-bad-TV-eating-junk-food Winter Weight), and come up with some examples of Late Winter Joys.

--Even though our frozen landscape appears unchanged at first glance, the ginormous snow-mountains MUST have melted some, since I can now see over them into my neighbor's yard without jumping up and down like a hypothermia-crazed Snow Bunny.  That's progress.
--The kids actually attended a full day of school on Wednesday (and Thursday, and Friday, thank goodness) for the first time in 11 days. Afterwards, they reported being exhausted by the experience, but I was too busy doing a Happy-the-Kids-Went-to-School-Dance to be sympathetic.
--Pitchers and Catchers reported to Spring Training in Florida and Arizona. I feel a warm glow knowing that at least someone is enjoying sunshine and short sleeves. (Or maybe that's just my old rotator cuff injury flaring up. Is there a trainer around?)  If Baseball is coming, Spring can't be far behind...
--Since it's obviously the perfect time to buy a swimsuit (when you're feeling pasty from being hidden from the weak sun for 4 months, and goose-pimply without several insulating layers of fabric protecting you from the cold dressing-room air, and lumpy from the Winter Couch Potato Syndrome), stores are trying to clear out coats.  Excellent opportunity to pick up a cute new ski jacket without suffering Sticker Shock. (I can wear it over my swimsuit for a few more months...)

As we slowly get more daylight back each day, let's also keep our fingers crossed for more "f-temps"--as in "forty" or even "fifty", rather than "F-F-F-FREEZING!" And I'll be watching Spring Training games on my new coat.

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