Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm never eating THAT again!

Yesterday I had quite a shock to my system.  It started out as a normal day, getting the kids off to school and myself off to work.  Then sometime after lunch it all started to go downhill.  First came the headache, then the stomachache.  I was stunned and outraged, I tell you!  I have always labored under the assumption that I, like all Mothers, have been granted Special Germ Immunity. Otherwise, we would not be able to care for our small, snotty, microbe-infested offspring without catching absolutely everything they're exposed to as well. (And let's face it: family life would grind to a halt if Mom got sick every time one of the kids brought home the Illness-of-the-Week from school.)  Furthermore, I've been blessed with a more-or-less "cast-iron stomach", and tummy-ailments usually pass me right on by (whereas Husband turns green if you so much as mention Stomach Flu). So being betrayed by my normally failsafe gut felt like adding insult to injury.

While I was still able to be upright, I threw together my standard Lazy/Busy Night Dinner (grilled cheese, and soup from a can--you'd think it was filet mignon the way my kids scarf it down, thank goodness) and as soon as Husband walked in the door I shuffled off to bed. There I remained, huddled in a miserable ball, getting up only to--well, nevermind (you don't want to know, and I don't want to relive it). However, I was pleased and gratified that even without me marching around barking instructions like a Drill Sargeant, the homework got done, the kids got to bed, the laundry got folded (oh, wait, that was me, staggering downstairs to "just do a few little things" before I collapsed again.  Call me compulsive...)  And in a perverse way, I was even happy that once my body--how to put this delicately--"rejected my lunch", I felt much better. Blame it on food poisoning, but at least my Special Germ Immunity is intact!

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