Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Martes en Mexico

At this point, I’d say we’re definitely settling comfortably into this South of the Border life-by-the-sea thing. As is fast becoming our custom, we took a leisurely morning stroll to a nearby resort for breakfast. (Why? Because we had to see for ourselves if the grass was truly greener…or the croissants really…flakier…on the other side, I guess.) Derek made the forced march under protest in a mock-surly teenager kind of way. (“Why do we have to waaaaaalk? There’s perfectly good food at our owwwwn hotel.” Then, thank goodness, he was able to take out his ire on the buffet (repeatedly). Meanwhile, I almost forgot to eat, as I had discovered the wondrous contraption known as the “cappuccino machine”—push a button, instantly fill your cup with creamy goodness, what a beautiful concept! After we’d all met our own particular morning meal requirements, it was time for a Family Beach Jaunt. Ahhh: more sand between the toes, more wavelets lapping the ankles, more views of the stunning tropical scenery…more serene and satisfied people.

When afternoon rolled around and we were hungry again from all of our fresh air and activity, we visited the other, other resort, which happens to be called Tequila. Lunch….tequila…that just sounds so wrong. But it does remind me to  mention something Husband and I find incredibly amusing (and just a teensy bit scary as well): at every restaurant, right between the juice dispenser and the soda fountain, sits the Dos Equis tap…and the wine keg. That’s right, you can have a nice alcoholic beverage with your cereal if you so desire. (We do NOT desire, in case you were wondering. But let me tell you what I AM grateful for: Mexico seems to be a Pepsi Nation. I offer up a heartfelt gracias a Dios for all-you-can-drink “Pepsi Light”.) Anyway, we then enjoyed the pool…and a bonus close encounter of the Unfamiliar Animal kind. There are these small mammals scurrying around everywhere you look—they might be anteaters, but we’re really not sure. Mostly they seem completely accustomed to humans and ignore us. But when the boys came out of the café with ice cream cones, they suddenly took special notice. I didn’t happen to be looking at the time, but it was reported to me that one of them approached Husband, sniffing curiously…then stood on its hind legs and begged like a dog! Ah, wildlife.

And, what do you know, another mealtime eventually arrived.  At this one, however, Husband and I got a clear indication that we are effectively wearing the boys out on their vacation. How could we tell? Maybe it was the fact that Derek barely managed to wipe his plate clean (okay, the second time, at least). Or more likely it stood out for us when both of them put their heads down on the table, yawning, unable to keep up the sparkling conversation for one second longer. Yes, we officially seem to have broken the children. Fortunately they rebound quickly, since tomorrow is Mexican Field Trip Wednesday. Arriba!

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