Sunday, August 12, 2012

Oh, Mexico...

The day we’d been planning, preparing, and mostly waiting for finally arrived: Mexico Departure…Dia! I had laid out a strict drill to be followed--roust everyone at 7 a.m., dress/brush teeth/grab your car breakfast on the way out the door and GO! This was due to the fact that we were flying internationally, (thus not allowed to check-in online), needed to check a bag (which we usually avoid), and had to leave the Subaru in long-term parking (requiring a shuttle trip to the terminal). All this added up to extra steps that might slow down our escaping the country in a timely fashion.

Amazingly, we piled into the car at our 7:30 target time, and arrived at the long-term lot at 8:05-ish. Although the boys paced the bus stop in barely contained excitement and impatience, the shuttle did arrive quickly, and deposited us at the Air Tran counter by 8:30. We had a minor delay to sign our passports (which I didn’t even know you had to do), then wound our way into the Security line. We had plenty of time standing around to read the new regulations—such as “kids can keep their shoes on” But I still had to unload my laptop, the bags of toiletries, etc. And then, a minor glitch: I set off the metal detector—what? Me? We were momentarily confused…even my Timex is plastic, for crying out loud…until the TSA Officer (luckily a woman) suggested my hair clip. “I’m not going to make you take it off…but it’s either that…or a pat-down.” Whoa, I’ll release the mane, thank you very much! (That’s what it was…memo to me: next time wear a scrunchie!)
After that we breezed through Security, free and clear, by just a little after 9:00. Win! Now, we relax…until our flight leaves…at 10:37! But hold on--naturally, Derek’s hungry again. (Also Husband and I haven’t had our coffee yet either.) Dunkin’ Donuts to the rescue! Then…there was an airplane ride. It was pretty pleasant. We experienced a thrilling time change when we entered Central Zone. Enough said. When we came down, though—Bienvenidos a Mexico! Palm trees! Balmy breeze! Yaaaayyyy!

At our resort, we immediately tested out the “All-Inclusive” designation….because Derek needed to eat…otra vez. And then, a la playa! Warm waves, sand in my toes; yeah, this is my Happy Place.  A nice long walk along the water to soothe away the travel kinks, and all is well. (There was a brief moment of hilarity when we unpacked our luggage and encountered…the hot pink…sequined…size 34DD bra that somehow made it into our checked bag. Um, sooooo very much NOT mine! Wherever you are, lady-missing-her-underwire, I hope you brought backup containment devices. It sure looks like you need them!)

So, to sum up Day 1: we have the ocean, and people to feed us whenever we want…I sense that we could definitely get used to this…

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