Monday, March 4, 2013

In like a lion, alright...

Oh, March...(weary, disappointed sigh) I just hate it when you spectacularly fail to surpass my low expectations. I mean, really, would it kill you to try even a tiny bit harder? Think about it--any old underachieving month...February, for example...could do 32* and blustery. Why not challenge yourself and strive for something better? Work with me, here!

That being said, Team WestEnders doggedly plodded through the first frosty weekend of March. (Which actually differed very little from the previous month's delightful weather offerings...perhaps I'll just begin referring to it as Son of February. Do you think that adequately conveys its dastardly nature and my contempt for its cruel, fickle ways? Or is that just me being melodramatic? Yeah, it happens...) The most notable outdoor pursuit involved Derek and Husband participating in a Trail Maintenance Workday at a nearby lake where we happen to hike freqeuntly. I signed Derek up for several of these throughout the "Spring", thinking we could accomplish several key goals: enjoy some exercise and fresh air; demonstrate our appreciation and concern for the County Park system that we employ as our natural playground on a regular basis; and accrue service hours towards the 75 Derek needs before high school graduation. Somewhat ironically, the first scheduled date (in that F-month who shall no longer be named) was postponed until April--due to a cold, soaking rain on the appointed day. (Yay! Dodged an icy bullet on that one...) So I fully intended to accompany him this past Sunday...until I realized the forecast called for sub-freezing temps and more of that blasted wind. Ahem...Husband? Looks like this He-Men! Yeah, that's it! As it turned out, when they fulfilled their obligation by showing up for duty as promised, they were rewarded for their reliability by being assigned the glorious task of DIGGING DITCHES...for three-and-a-half hours. Soooooo glad I wimped my way out of that one. And I realllyyyy hope next time we're....picking up pollution...or planting pretty flowers...or even pulling pesky weeds (fingers crossed).

Fortunately, the remainder of the weekend's events took place in the warmth of the house. (For which I am unfailing grateful, don't get me wrong...although I'm beginning to recognize telltale signs of Cabin Fever amongst the restless natives these days...myself included...more on that later.) There were brother activities, some of which inevitably involved bugging Mom. For instance, Derek: "Can I buy Assassin's Creed?" (delivered with a gigantic grin, so he clearly already knew the answer...but I didn't miss the opportunity to glare at him anyway.) But wait, he hadn't arrived at the punchline yet: "It's rated M...for Mom Approved!" Nice try, sweetie, and by the way, still NOOOOOO. Then Riley helpfully piped up, "Derek should be able to play T games, since he'll be a teenager soon!" Thanks ever so much for your go clean your room, or something.... Speaking of which, I know the boys are getting bored and stir-crazy, as Riley--my little packrat...I mean "collector of unique and interesting....junk"--took it upon himself to reorganize his desk, closet, and bookshelves. Of course, he had an ulterior motive: "Can I get a Lego police car for Easter, to add to my city?" Uh-huh, I see how it is...but wait, let's think this through...Legos lead to quiet creative (dare we say "educational"?) play in one's room...sure, honey, that sounds like a brilliant idea! As for Derek's "alone time", these days it involves listening to music and/or texting incessantly with his friends. (The iPod having become somewhat of a permanent fixture in his hand--should I worry?)

All I can say is, we're collectively nearing the end of our frozen rope, holding on with frostbitten hands, pining for the joyful moment when Spring bursts onto the scene. And how is our patience acknowledged? With a mixture of #@%$& snow,sleet, and rain predicted for tomorrow night and Wednesday. I can only hope that it's Winter's last hurrah as it slips and slides on out of here, making way for its more pleasant cousin to breeze in and take over (raising a mug of hot tea in offering to the Weather Gods...)

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