Sunday, March 10, 2013

Springing for joy

Oh my gosh, everybody...(that is, the vast crowd of you--10 brave souls or thereabouts--who pop in and pay attention to my rambling nonsense on a regular basis...Hi there! I appreciate you guys! Where was I? Oh, yeah...) would you believe this is my five-hundredth post? Holy pages-and-pages-of-virtual-silliness, Batman! I feel like this milestone deserves some kind of commemoration, like a deeply heartfelt introspection into the journey I've traveled thus far, the direction I'm headed, and what it all means. But then I remember: it's still just my life, with in all its mundane day-to-day routine...albeit punctuated by frequent periods of extreme goofiness. What HAS changed since my first endeavor on September 5th, 2008: Riley was a babyfaced 5-year old, about to kick off the next 13 years of confinement--that is, "his educational career"--in Kindergarten, boarding a school bus for the first time. Derek was a short, skinny 8-year old 3rd grader. Husband and I...were four years younger than our current numbers. As they say, "that was then", so here's a roundup of the week in anecdotes to sum up the "NOW" (culled from a collection of paper scraps and sticky notes I've scribbled and placed strategically on and around my writing really, my objective is to clean up my workspace...and hopefully be amusing at the same time...'cuz ya gotta have goals...):

Rhetorical question of the day: how much are we done with Winter? I will illustrate using my convenient experimental test subjects. (Darn it, I mean children!) They behave like typical siblings--by turns enjoying each others' company and fighting like wild animals (often in the same 15-minute span). This is of course compounded by the fact that their outdoor time has been limited by unfavorable weather conditions of late. After one of their recent spats, during a day when they just could not seem to get along, no matter what game they attempted to play or which activity they tried, I separated them for their own good. (And mine, since locking one's beloved offspring out of the house tends to be frowned upon by people of authority...such as the Police....) Derek retreated to his room to read or listen to music or brood--who cares, he was quiet and not pestering anyone. But I observed Riley wandering around the house, head down, muttering softly under his breath. Curious, I approached him to try to ascertain what he was saying, and this is what I heard: a bouncy, lilting tune of his own creation, with the lyrics "Life would be so much bettttteeerrrrr, without the other child that lives with me!" Of course they were back together within the half-hour, having forgotten whatever intense argument had led to their temporary estrangement...but I had that stupid little ditty stuck in my head for the rest of the day...what can I say, it's catchy...and I totally understand and can sympathize with the sentiment, on occasion...

Not that Derek the almost-teenager actually minds spending time these days in his room with the door closed...and his iPod. He's had the texting app for a few weeks now, and out of the blue it occurred to me: I could actually use this to communicate with him...if I only had his phone number. When I inquired, however, he got all evasive, rather than instantly coughing up his contact information as I expected my obedient son to do. (Pause for sarcastic laughter. Continue...) As I stared at him, perplexed by his reticence, I asked, "Well, are you going to tell me your number?" His noncommittal reply: a thoughtful, drawn-out "evennnn...tually". Humph! I can't imagine any possible reason why you wouldn't want your mother texting you at random times--checking up on what you're doing, interrupting your conversations with friends, asking inane questions to which she yes, absolutely expects a response...oh, wait a minute...And then he compounded the insult by setting a secret passcode that would be required to unlock his iPod before it could be accessed. What, don't you trust me, sweetie? But I felt better when he confided that the procedure was to ensure that his brother couldn't mess with the device without Derek's permission. And he whispered the private code to me. So I felt much better. It seems I've been granted a reprieve from the cagey, uncommunicative teenage boy years that I dread, for at least a little longer. (Phew!)

Finally, I'll end on an optimistic note. (Kind of like on the Local News programs, when they make lame attempts to counteract all the reports of murder and mayhem by sharing the heartwarming tale of an adorable puppy saving and nurturing a nest of baby birds. But then again, not like that at all...nevermind...) This weekend we've experienced Spring-like temperatures and sunshine that actually warms your skin. (Unlike those pretend-rays that Winter tries to pass off on us, which provide light without any heat at all. Thanks, but no thanks!) The boys have been able to run amok in the yard and the neighborhood. Spirits have lifted considerably. (Okay, here I'm mainly talking about me. I don't actually believe I have the condition known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, I just get...grumpy...and the cold months...yeah, maybe just a touch of SAD...)

I was even motivated to drive to a nearby park and do my 3-ish mile run on the trail, due to a boost in energy and enthusiasm prompted by the nice weather. I shared the path with many others--people walking dogs-of-all-sizes; bikers; families strolling with children from toddlers to teens; and of course other joggers and walkers. I set off through the woods, reveling in the lovely early-evening, and put in my pavement-pounding time. When I was almost finished, approaching the last little rise before returning to my starting point and cooling down, I passed an elderly, grandparent-looking couple sitting on a bench to my right. At that moment I couldn't remember if they'd been there when I began, but I think they must have been, because as I approached, huffing a bit and using my final reserves of pep for the last push, I made eye contact with the woman and she smiled and congratulated me, "Good job!" Aww, thanks, friendly stranger! And those are just a few of the myriad reasons I love Spring: increased time in the fresh air, a return to pleasant outside conditions, and overall improvement in peoples' moods and attitudes. Oh, and as of today, more afternoon daylight--bonus!

So, here's to the next 500 posts. (!!) I wonder where they'll take us...stay tuned!

when I set off on my blogging adventure...

and here we are today!

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