Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Counting down to the Solstice

Since it seems we're doomed to suffer an early winter here in the Washington D.C. area, and summer feels like it disappeared ages ago, I've found myself daydreaming fondly about what I miss from the warm months. For example:
--Casually throwing on one light layer of clothing (maybe a sweater I'm going someplace super air-conditioned) and breezing out the door. Contrast that with standing in front of the closet every morning, working up the nerve to whip off the fleecy pajama top and pile on long-sleeved athletic shirt, sweatshirt, and maybe a jacket over it...and that's just for indoors.
--Running and biking outside. Yes, it's sweaty business, exercising in the summer. But the muscles get warm and stretchy (rather than clenched to keep from shivering), the lungs easily absorb humid air (as opposed to dry, icy breaths), and the perspiration evaporates (instead of sticking around to chill you the instant you finish).
--Sunshine strong enough to warm your skin, accompanied by breezes that cool you off immediately when you step into the shade. What we are experiencing now is winter wind that slaps you in the face, making you involuntarily grit your teeth and duck your head, to shield yourself as much as possible from the blast.
--Strawberries...and grilled vegetables. Yes, I can make my husband stand outside and shiver while grilling in the dark, frigid months. But somehow what he brings in just doesn't have the same bright, crisp summer flavor. And canned fruit--let's just call it a necessary evil.
I could go on, but just thinking about this has made me cold. Off to make some hot tea... one of my few pleasures of winter!

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