Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Stay Tuned for the Comfort Inn "Nativity Bowl"

As many Christian families do at this time of year, we set out Nativity scenes for the celebration of Jesus' birthday. In our house, we have two sets (see photo). These have been designated the "real" nativity set (humans) and the "fake" nativity set (vegetables) by my sons. Each December I carefully arrange them on tables in the living room, where they remain for approximately 10 minutes, until one of the boys spots them and yells, "Oh look, our Jesus toys!" At this point, the Holy Land becomes quite the happening spot, with the two companies facing off against each other in some kind of fierce competition. Last year, it was Battle of the Bands. I believe the Veggie Tales rock-n-roll group won, narrowly edging out the Bethlehem Jazz Combo. But this year, it's all about football (that explains the plastic egg!). The Veggie squad lines up against team Bethlehem, and gridiron mayhem ensues. Since the boys can't remember what the Wise Men are called, Derek re-named the trio... Joe, Kevin, and Nick Jonas. So from the kitchen, I will sometimes hear spirited commentary such as: Camel breaks through the defenders, until he's taken down by Shepherd at the 10 yard line, for a gain of 3! Or my favorite: Mary drops back to pass, but she's tackled by Nick Jonas and fumbles at the 20! Looks like Joseph is going to have to punt, folks! Even if God's not a football fan, I pray he's laughing!

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