Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I consider myself a pretty sociable person. I have close friends that I hang out with regularly, for coffee dates and parties and such. I enjoy spending quality time with my family. However, the two boys and my husband have all been home with me for 7...solid...endless days, and the nonstop togetherness is about to push me over the edge. At this moment, I would gladly throw some stuff into a bag, sneak out of the house under cover of night, and drive somewhere far, far away from them. The car would be silent, if I wanted it to be. My 5-year old would not be in the back seat, making up his own version of The Grinch Song ("you're a porcupine, Mr. Grinch, you really are a....butt!" I apologize, but these were his actual words). He has proven he can keep this up for as long as the car is moving, or until I yell, "Pleeeeaaase, stop", whichever comes first. Whenever I arrived at my destination, my 8-year old bottomless pit would not be asking me "is it snack time yet?" as he does approximately every two hours. There would certainly not be any Hoover Wind Tunnel Bowl on the television (get it? for teams that suck! see, I am losing my mind!) with pre-and post-game hoopla that leads directly into the next game, and the next. I would not answer questions or break up fights. I would not wash December mud off people's shoes. I would not purchase, prepare, or clean up after meals. What would I do? I would relax in the silence, feeling myself becoming calm and peaceful...until I was well-rested enough to be unbearably bored. Then I would return to my loving family, fortified for the chatter and chaos...bring on those last five days of Winter Break!

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darasl said...

awww!! this is great! thanks for sharing!! I hear you... can totally relate... love the nativity Little People set... we have one just like it and it is a fav in our home!! Merry Christmas Johna!!