Thursday, December 11, 2008

What I DON'T miss...

In the interest of fairness, I suppose I should mention what I find less than desirable about summer:
--Moisture. Washington, having been built over a swamp oh-so-many years ago, boasts humidity of staggering proportions for part of the summer. When you step out the door, it feels like someone dropped a damp blanket on you from above. You can sense the beads of water forming on your skin. And that's just when you're standing perfectly still!
--Slimy sunscreen. Being Irish/German and pale, I must slather myself with strong ray-blocking goop whenever I venture out into the summer air. It gets tedious. Then I have to do the squirming, protesting children as well. It's an exciting morning ritual I can do without.
--Getting into my hot car. This is inevitably preceded by my driving around parking lots, scanning for any space that offers even sliver of shade (preferably on the driver's side). When the search is unsuccessful, I dread leaving the air-conditioned store to climb back into the traveling-Subaru-sauna.
--And finally, on a personal note: shaving my legs far too often for my taste. If I could learn just one measly magical spell, "Hairus disappearis" would be high on my list!

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