Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh, good heavens!

As a kid, I attended Sunday School for several years (at least through communion-age, since I remember earnestly practicing the Lord's Prayer...and making the bread!). I'd have to check with my own mother on this, but I believe I probably started giving her a hard time (even though I'm sure in all other ways I was a charming, LOVELY pre-adolescent girl), until she just gave up on dragging me to church. In a roundabout fashion, I eventually found my way back: I had started my religious life as a Lutheran, but ended up choosing a Jesuit college (and whatever your feelings about Catholicism, they offer a mass approximately every 10 minutes, so it's completely easy and accessible!) Even more recently, I landed at the local Methodist congregation, when I enrolled Derek in their preschool. Pastor, Reverend, Father, mass, service...I'm not as concerned with denomination or vocabulary as I am with my boys having some solid faith-based instruction.

And while all that sounds very sober and serious, Derek and Riley seem to have more fun on Sunday mornings than I ever did! Snacks (cross-shaped cookies!), crafts (color a picture of Jesus healing the sick!), Veggie Tales videos...the Class Leaders cleverly weave lessons into "play time" and everyone enjoys themselves while absorbing the Bible.

You know there has to be a punchline, right? Here it comes: the other morning at breakfast, Riley was talking about his own upcoming birthday and the presents he wanted. I don't even know how he made this leap in his head, but suddenly he paused with a thoughtful look and said, "If it was God's birthday, I'd get him a cell phone." Oh--kay, I'll bite: why? He seemed surprised that I couldn't figure it out myself as he answered, "So he could send text messages to Jesus!"

So let us end by giving thanks for technology...and goofball children!

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