Friday, September 4, 2009

Stream of Consciousness (bring your own paddle)!

Somehow I wasn't paying attention, but I published my 100th post on August 25th. When television shows reach that milestone, they have big parties, or hour-long episodes with special guest stars...I had my laptop, and some iced tea, and maybe there was a cookie thrown in there. Oh well, I'll do a big dramatic shebang for my 200th!

And then there's an Anniversary: September 5th marks exactly one year since I started this Blog. I wanted to write something insightful and intelligent to commemorate the occasion...but my mind is a blank. Excellent time for writer's block!

So, in the time-honored tradition of cheaters everywhere, instead of researching something meaningful or delving deep into my thoughts for material, I'm going to do a cheesy compilation of random things that occurred this week:

*Derek started 4th grade, Riley started 1st grade, and for the first time, I had to request goodbye hugs on the first day. I was denied by the 9-year old, but the 6-year old allowed me a brief one-armed squeeze. On Friday, the fifth day of the school year, I got my first call from the Health Room Technician to report that Derek had collided with another boy at recess, sustaining a cut lip. This is a new Family Record for earliest playground injury.

*I began my semester as a Sign Language Interpreter at the local community college. This Fall, I get to translate Ceramics, Reading, and Psychology. This week I had the distinct pleasure of explaining Freud to a Deaf student, using American Sign Language. Id, Ego, Superego--the man's still a fruit loop in any language.

*I'm off on Fridays this semester, so I ventured out shopping. First stop: Sephora. Now, I don't consider myself an old fogey just yet, but let me tell you how LOUDDDD the music was in that store. The clerks might have been welcoming me; I saw their mouths moving, but couldn't hear a word. Or they could have been telling me off, for all I know. While I was there, I managed to purchase what I came for: Green Rootine dry shampoo. Because nothing demonstrates your love for yourself and your fellow human beings quite like a product that lets you NOT take a shower for another day.

*Then it was on to Costco, where by a delicate combination of luck and planning, I arrived at prime free sample time. Cheese + chips and salsa + juice = lunch! (Note: this still does NOT make me an old fogey! I just like to eat...early...and cheaply....uh-oh...)

And now, it's Happy Hour. Cheers, and enjoy the long weekend with lots of fun, and little labor!

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