Friday, September 25, 2009

"In My Mind I'm Goin' to Carolina"

No, no, no, that's not it: it's my family that's disappearing to (South) Carolina this weekend. As much as I cherish my boys, I absolutely pine for their annual "visit the grandparents" getaway. A friend asked me what my Big Plans were, how I was going to amuse myself while they were gone. I automatically opened my mouth to start telling her...and realized I had neglected to make any!

But after some serious reflection, I am certain of what I will NOT be doing: (pause for happy dance...okay, continue)
*scraping sparkly blue bubblegum flavored toothpaste out of my sons' sink (every goshdarn morning...and evening...grr);
*stain-treating and washing muddy soccer shinguards and baseball pants;
*tripping over and picking up (over...and over...and get the picture) Matchbox cars and action figures and Tech Deck skateboards, ETC.;
*popping out to the grocery store for "just a few things we're out of" and coming back an hour later having spent $90...then trying to dream up and prepare an appetizing, wholesome meal that pleases 2 carnivores, a carbivore, and a vegetarian.

So then, what pleasures does that leave for my weekend of freedom and indulgence?
*to start with, 72+ hours alone in the house, enveloped in sweet silence (except me thinking out loud to myself...and the cat meowing for attention...okay, it's mostly quiet);
*7 hours of television premieres on the DVR, awaiting my perusal;
*lots of takeout food, whatever kind I want, whenever I want. And no sharing!
*brownie mix--that's right, straight from the bowl. Maybe the brownies will eventually make it into the oven, or maybe they won't. No one's here to stop me!

I know, I know, it sound like just too much fun and excitement for one girl to take. It'll be tough, but I'm going to give it my best goes: Ready, Set, RELAX (so far so good...)

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