Tuesday, September 8, 2009

(cue swelling music) See youuuu in Septembrrrr!

What's that you say? It's already September? Are you sure? And can someone puh-leaze tell me just how the heck that happened?

I suppose I knew something was up when I had to wear long pants the other day...and socks....and closed shoes (I didn't want to, but it was either that, or shiver through my work day). Oh yeah, work should have been my first clue: the college semester started, and the kids' school year as well. But I still don't understand where August went. One minute we were wiping our brows, drinking lemonade and begging for a breeze, then the next thing you know the leaves were starting to drift off the tree outside Derek's window at a positively alarming rate (stupid overachieving cherry tree can't wait to get naked every year.)

Well, that's just too darn bad! I'm not at all ready for raking! And you can also forget other onerous Autumn Tasks like: filling out school forms, and checking homework calendars, and attending Back to School night, and packing lunches...oh, crud...those things are in my Mom Job Description, aren't they? Oh, alright then! But what's in it for me, if I agree to move past Fall Denial and accept the season of morning chills, falling leaves, and early sunsets? Hmmm, Pumpkin Muffin, you say? With cream cheese icing? Ahhh, those are magic words. Throw in a pumpkin-spice latte on a frosty September morning, and I'm sold!

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Jim said...

1 - turn on the audio, and click on http://bit.ly/7RC1G . Actually, that The Happenings 'Greatest Hits' album has a bunch of good songs - too bad amazon doesn't have an mp3 of it for sale

2 - Autumn my bautumn: 106 days until Christmas... (77 weekdays. 0.2932 years.) ( Hmmmm, wolframalpha.... Wait, you don't know wolframalpha.com? When you've got 5, or 10, go take on spin on "examples". I could have used it in fall '85...)

3 - and in 106 days, I want the paired old Stadium seats, if anyone asks. It's like a MasterCard commercial: two seats from the old Stadium, $1500; passing down the love of the game from generation to generation, priceless.