Friday, September 18, 2009

More Random Ramblings...

You know how Computer Professionals advise you to schedule certain maintenance tasks on your machine in order to "optimize performance"? (and we all do this faithfully, right? of course! immediately after it crashes!) Anyway, this week my brain definitely feels clogged and sluggish, so to avoid my own personal Blue Screen of Death, consider this my routine "disk cleanup and defrag":

*let's start with a little rant: at the community college where I work, I am frequently astounded by what some girls try to pass off as "being dressed". I realize it's not high school, and you're not going to get sent home by the principal, but honestly, a long hooded sweatshirt that completely covers your tiny little shorts just makes you you forgot your pants. Is that really what you want to say to the world? I enjoy being half-naked in public?

*I have to admit, though, that I got a private snicker out of one girl's t-shirt that said "You can't be ugly AND stupid. You have to pick one." Appropriate? Eh. Funny? Yep.

*Husband was reading an alphabet story to Riley and one page says: "They viewed V, veiled in velvet." Husband said, "that's fun to say!" Riley seriously replied, "Yes, Daddy, it's alliteration." Because you NEED to know that in first grade, apparently.

*After his Little League pitching debut last weekend, Derek was totally pumped about having struck out 2 batters. Still adrenalized in the car on the way home, he switched to ESPN mode and analyzed his performance: "I saw that kid bat last Fall, and I remembered that he swung at high pitches, so I decided to try to throw him some." (at this point I couldn't respond, since my mouth was hanging open, but he didn't notice.) He continued, "I'm not like C.C. Sabathia on the mound, just throwing whatever; I'm like Greg Maddux, I think when I pitch!" (I apologize to non-baseball people, to whom this means nothing at all...the rest of you who get it, can I get an AMEN for the Baseball Gods!)

*And finally, a household revelation. I'm allergic to dust; ironically, it seems harmless enough when it's just lying on the furniture, but when I try to actually REMOVE it, I sneeze and tear up and get stuffy. Instead, this week's Toxic Cleaning Task was to attack my shower with bleach in an attempt to eradicate...some icky stuff on the walls. During the scrubbing, I could feel my throat and lungs burning; afterwards, I couldn't breathe for the rest of the night. Conclusion: it is inadvisable for me to perform household chores (or I guess I could wear a mask. or make natural cleaners instead. nope, we'll stick with the first option!)

Whew, I feel much better after that Brain Dump. Maybe with all the space that's now available in there I can think of what to make for dinner. What's that? It's Friday? Okay, pizza it is! See, the old noodle must be working better already!


Jeanne said...

"I'm not like C.C. Sabathia on the mound, just throwing whatever; I'm like Greg Maddux, I think when I pitch!"

*tear* I love that little boy! :) :)

And, really, he picked an awesome pitcher as a role model! Good for him!

Oh, and AMEN! :p

Stephanie said...

Comparing himself to a Yankee pitcher...praise be to GOD:)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, if he really said that about the other kid and high pitches last year, well, that's pretty good, gotta say. Alliteration in the first grade, also excellent.

But "green clean"? Green clean stuff is better and cheaper (and green) - when FEMP does audits of USG agencies, it sometimes finds places that use green clean products without even knowing they are green - they use them because they are cheaper and better.

Cool, huh?