Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Watch out, they're using their Powers for evil...

Most of the time, I admire and enjoy my sons' creative and artistic endeavors. I read their short stories with relish, no matter how silly or outrageous the topics (football-playing aliens, anyone?).  I listen to their songs, even if they are ear-splitting and nonsensical (their current influences include AC/DC and Michael Jackson, so you can just imagine...)

But sometimes, they take things a bit too far, as in their latest "project".  They proudly announced to me that they were designing a make-believe video game called: Twisted Tushie...2!  I was already SO pleased, but I had to ask, "Why '2'?  What happened to the first one?"  Without even a millisecond pause, Riley blithely answered, "Oh, that one's off the market."  Of course it is.  Silly me. Derek jumped in and very earnestly explained that "it's rated 10-and-up, because of (and I am NOT making this up) comic mischief and some mild inappropriate language."  Really?  We don't even own any video games for you to know this!!  It seems someone has been paying a wee bit too much attention to those pesky commercials again.

And, for the icing on the cake, if you will, they even wrote a theme song.  They haven't yet managed to play it all the way through for me to record (each rehearsal tends to be cut short by thrown drumsticks or a musical tantrum.  Tempermental artists!)  But here are the lyrics, for your amusement (I guess in the interest of delicate readers, I should give the Warning Label statement: contains Mildly Offensive Humor and Bathroom References.)

Twisted Tushie 2
My mom said "I will give gas",
but my dad said "I will pass."
It's Twisted Tushie 2,
and fun for me and you.
And the butts and farts times 2,
It's Twisted Tushie 2,
made for me and you!

(don't say I didn't warn you...)
My only hope is that someday they'll make a million with one of their crazy inspirations...and support their father and me in our Golden Years (those are the ones where we no longer have to hear songs about butts...)

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