Friday, November 27, 2009

Whatever happened to Monkey in the Middle? (a nice, wholesome game!)

Remember that classic game we used to play as pre-teens, the one where the purpose was to either coax outrageous confessions from your friends, or else cause them extreme mortification?  You know, good old "Truth or Dare"!  (although in my experience, this was usually played at middle-school slumber parties, so unless you were once an adolescent girl, you may very well NOT recall this rare treat.)

Well, my children were introduced to it yesterday (at Thanksgiving dinner, no less) by their cousins. It started with Haley (my niece, age 7) explaining the rules to her brother Zach (age 5), Derek and Riley. Zach then had the first turn, and he promptly asked Derek, with a wicked grin, "Do you have a girrrrl-friend?" To the other players' great disappointment, he answered, "No" in an offhand way, thereby neatly sidestepping the opportunity to be mercilessly teased by his family.  When it was time for a Dare, Derek picked his brother to kick a foam ball across the room (this actually did require some courage, since my mother, AKA "Grammy" was nearby and would not approve.)  You could just tell things were about to escalate when the next Dare involved the words "tackle" and "Uncle Royce".

But we didn't actually have to call a halt to the silliness until one of the parents overheard "Okay, I dare you to pick your nose, and wipe it on your shirt!"  Whoa, game over!  I think my brother's exact words to Haley (the Dare-ee) were, "Young lady, I dare you to go wash your hands right now!"  Hopefully by the next time we get together no one will have picked up "Spin the Bottle" from the street-wise elementary school crowd....

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