Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

This is going around Facebook, so here's my contribution:
1. I NEVER NEVER NEVER do these things. This might actually be the very first time. I'm a pretty private person, and fiercely guard against giving out too much information. So don't expect deep revelations!
2. I'm not going to follow the "rules." Surprised? I didn't think so.
3. (I managed to use up 2 items already, without really saying anything--hee hee)
4. Okay, here goes: this is my disclaimer, (like they have in the front of a book, if anyone (dorks like me) happens to read the publishing page): People who know both of us (lucky you), will notice many similarities between my sister and me. We are not the same person, but sometimes we share a brain (I think she has it today)
5. I am addicted to dark chocolate (not a problem) and diet soda. I've tried to quit (soda, not chocolate) and failed.
6. I love crossword puzzles and am good at them. I do them in pen, even if I have to cross out.
7. Reading is one of my absolute favorite things to do. I read all the time, and will try just about anything. I also gave myself permission, when I finally finished ALL my schooling, to stop reading anything I started but didn't like. Being an adult is great!
8. Probably because of #6 and #7, and a Dad who used to correct my grammar all the time ("Me and her were going"..."Her and me"..."the 2 of us"!), I can spot a typo, a misused word, or a punctuation problem in any book, magazine, newspaper, website...it's a bit of a personal problem. Or I should be an editor.
9. I became a vegetarian (not vegan) almost a year ago. While there are some challenges, it's definitely the right choice for me.
10. I live in a houseful of carnivores. One of the "challenges".
11. I could run the Orioles better than that man who owns them right now (Peter Angelos--ugh), but I'd leave the day-to-day operations to Mr. Ripken. (Of course, I'd call him Cal when we had our business lunches!)
12. I wish the world of Harry Potter were real. I would not be a Muggle. I'm Hermione.
13. I tend to have an "inner circle", a few close friends. This is fine for me. But I still feel like a loser sometimes, because I don't have "enough" Facebook friends!
14. I love to go to parties and see friends. But I love to go home afterwards when I've reached my limit.
15. I have an inborn NEED for peace and quiet and alone time.
16. I'm beginning to feel like a total narcissist for talking about myself endlessly.
17. I exercise most days. It's absolutely vital for my physical and mental well-being. And so I can eat chocolate.
18. There was a time in my life that I truly thought I didn't want to have kids. And there are some days I'm still not entirely sure I'm "mother material"!
19. I am dedicated to recycling, as well as all things environmental, which has earned me the title of "Recycling Nazi" in my house. I suspect I also get called other names, when it's 20 degrees and my husband is tromping out to the compost bin to dump our scraps.
20. My ideal place to live would have temperatures between 50 degrees and 80 degrees at all times. If I disappear one day, look for me in California, or maybe on an island somewhere.
21.When you find me, bring the fruity drinks.
22. I feel very lucky to be able to work part time and also spend time with my kids.
23. I have all 3 High School Musical soundtracks AND the Jonas Brothers on my MP3 player. What's wrong with boppy, happy, pop music?
24. I believe in God, and want to give my children a good spiritual foundation too.
25. I love my family (nuclear and extended) unconditionally, even when they drive me crazy, and I know that goes both ways!!!

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