Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tech Tots

I'm about to prove myself seriously OLD, but here goes...I recall using a typewriter in high school. You know, click clack click clack DING! (with added pauses for swear words and the furious application of White-Out). Cell phones didn't exist when I was a teenager (although you could use a pay phone, if you remembered to bring change) . Computers were big, bulky, expensive things; given the fact that my technophobe parents didn't even have a microwave or cable television, they certainly weren't about to trust those crazy, newfangled "word processors"! I could go on, but you get the picture: life in the Stone Age. Forward to the present, where I have embraced the 21st century as I sit with my laptop; creating my Blog entry; taking a virtual tour of Walt Disney World to plan a summer vacation; sending e-mails to friends; recording a show on the DVR to watch later; heating up lunch in the microwave; answering my cell phone if it rings. So it should not have startled me the other day when my 8 year-old blurted out, "Can I use your phone to text someone?" So many questions: Who told you what that means? Do you know how to do it? Most importantly, you're in 3rd grade, who in the world are you going to text? I guess this means I should shift into Parental Defense Mode: keep at least one step ahead of the children at all times! Don't let them know more than you do! And I'd better hurry, because right behind him, my 5 year-old son sidled up and said, "Oh, can I watch while you check your Facebook page? I need to go study...

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