Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bonbons and Bridge Club--Not!

As my "semester break" plods into its sixth week, I catch myself meandering around the empty house, talking to myself. The conversation goes something like this: Should I eat the leftover chili? (no, too early for lunch.) What about returning phone calls? (nah, don't feel like it.) Maybe check Facebook? (yeah, there's an idea!) Suddenly I have one of those profound moments of self-realization: I am not meant to be a Lady of Leisure. My daytime routine during the semester revolves around a set schedule: sending the kids off to school, working part-time, running errands, picking the kids up...and I work well with this structure. All the zipping around may get crazy, but at least I have a plan (usually) for where I'm supposed to be and what I should be accomplishing. So, am I reveling in all my temporary free time? Am I blissfully lying around in my pajamas, eating ice cream for lunch, and watching movies all afternoon? No, I can't do these things, since my list of Very Important Tasks sits reproachfully on the counter where I can see it each time I wander by. Even though I should be enjoying the calm before the storm of a new semester, instead I feel incredibly guilty about being a slacker! With this newfound insight, I am determined to do something hedonistic and time-wasting, and make the most of the rest of my day. I know! I'll mix up brownies before the kids get home, and lick the entire bowl all by myself! No guilt at all! That went so well, maybe tomorrow I'll try soap operas and cinnamon buns...

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