Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You Gotta Have Goals...

My 5-year old son has been thinking of his future, lately. First he announced at breakfast that one day he wanted to become--in this order--a construction worker, an astronaut, and a toymaker. (We figured out that he actually wants to design the houses, not build them, so we amended it to "architect".) Then he asked me, "How long will I stay in my room when I'm an adult?" He quickly added, to show the gravity of his question and how much he'd thought it through: "I mean, when I don't need my toys anymore and you get me a bigger bed..." Oh right, clearly you have a plan for being an ADULT! I explained that after college he'd probably want to live in his own apartment, without Mommy and Daddy. Comprehension dawned on his face, "Oh, right, I forgot I have to get MARRIED!" Choking only a little bit, I hastened to clarify that he didn't have to get married until he found just the right girl. Undaunted, he replied, "I might marry Casey, but she thinks that's gross." Give it a few decades, honey. She'll won't be able to resist a successful rocket scientist who's also designed his own house...and filled it with toys!

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