Friday, March 27, 2009

A non-girly "shopping" day

Today I survived my maiden (and hopefully ONLY) trip to a store called Lumber Liquidators. I felt intimidated before I even embarked upon my journey. To me, "lumber" is a verb, as in: "boys, would you please stop lumbering up the stairs like a herd of elephants?" But in home improvement terms, lumber is a serious item, deserving of more respect and consideration than plain old "wood". "Lumber" involves surveying an enormous wall covered with different kinds of boards--many of which look exactly the same to me--and attempting to select features like grain, and finish, and plank-width, and hardness, and... some other stuff I tuned out when my brain was full. I gamely attempted to ask semi-intelligent questions of the extremely kind and patient salesman. He lost me while detailing the advantages of Brazilian Cherry. I hope my glazed expression didn't give away the fact that I still know as much about Brazilian Cherry as I do about a Brazilian bikini wax (ie: nada : ). Yet somehow I managed to whittle the vast forest of choices down to just four trees, at which point I grabbed my samples and practically sprinted from the showroom. As I collapsed into my car, limp with relief, I decided that my triumph surely deserved a victory celebration. Do they make Brazilian Cherry ice cream?

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