Friday, March 6, 2009

Step Away From the Chemicals!

I was casually reading the latest issue of a live healthy, save-the-Earth kind of magazine that I receive, when I stumbled across an article called simply, "The Bad Stuff". It was about the 7 biggest offenders, chemically speaking, that are widely used in health and beauty products. Next to each substance was a succinct explanation of why we should avoid it. Some of the precautions included: "linked to cancer", "disrupts hormones", "interferes with reproductive health", "stresses the immune system", "causes kidney toxicity"...YIKES! Of course, I immediately carried the pages throughout the house, conducting a chemical witch-hunt. I scrutinized the miniscule writing on labels from hair conditioner to sunscreen to facial cleanser. All I can say is, no wonder they print that stuff so small. I rounded up an array of bottles full of stuff that shouldn't be anywhere near our skin. I'd already switched to organic soap and shampoo, but I guess I'll be purchasing more of our "personal care" items at organic markets from now on. I think a few years ago I might have brushed off this information as alarmist and maybe just a little bit cuckoo. But now I can't imagine exposing my kids' tender skin and developing bodies to all that foul junk. Oh, and here's the punchline. The absolute worst item I found in our house? The one that had not one, but all 7 of the evil ingredients? Banana Boat Baby Faces sunblock! Not on my babies anymore!

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