Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Since male and female human beings are such vastly different creatures, we have to strive to find some common ground, in order to live in harmony with one another. Take my sons, for example. When deciding what to wear for school, they normally couldn't care less if their pant/shirt color combinations would sears your eyeballs. Yet when I'm getting dressed, my 8-year old has been known to comment, "Mommy, is that a new outfit? I've never seen that before!" And my 5-year old loves to pick out earrings for me. (Noticing what a woman is wearing, and choosing appropriate jewelry; future girlfriends will thank me for training them in these useful life skills!) However, there are some things I don't think I will ever understand: such as what is SO DARN FUNNY about burping and farting? It reduces them both to a state of bending over, clutching their stomachs, gasping for breath, hyperventilating with laughter. Talking about it is amusing; hearing someone else do it is hilarious; doing it yourself is beyond hysterical. What is that about? I've tried diligently to get them to tone it down (even if only in front of me...or at least at the dinner table). Just when I thought we had put a lid it (so to speak), they got Whoopie Cushions as favors at their cousins' birthday party last weekend. That's what my sister-in-law considers a favor? If someone wanted to do me a true favor they would conveniently leave the cushions out overnight for the cat to eat...hmmm...

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