Friday, July 3, 2009

You Know it's Summer When... is out, and none of us can quite remember what day it is anymore without our schedule!
...the daily "routine" shifts from afterschool play/homework/dinner at 6/early bedtime to: play all day/eat when we're hungry/go to bed when it gets dark, watching the fireflies wink on and off. morning "beauty ritual" (such as it is) becomes: ponytail and tinted moisturizer (SPF 150 or so).
...the boys set a new record by voicing their first whiny "I'm bored" of the day at 9:33 a.m. (EST). This is immediately followed by Mom's first emphatic "go find something to do!" at 9:34. seems perfectly reasonable to finish each meal with ice cream. (Okay, maybe not breakfast.)
...we check the progress of the local corn as we drive past fields every day. I grew up hearing "knee-high by the 4th of July" (an old farm saying, maybe?) and this actually seems to be accurate!
..."formal dressing" means I change out of shorts (or a bathing suit) and flip-flops, into capris and sandals....and only when absolutely necessary.
..."we'll be outside!" followed by a slamming door lets me know where my children are.
...and finally, as we approach Major League Baseball's All-Star Break, the Orioles can be counted on to be in last place in their division. Hey, it's an American tradition, like hotdogs and fireworks!

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