Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Stroll with me down Ele-memory Lane

Remember the carefree, innocent elementary school years from around, say, 2nd to 4th grade?  Or as I like to call them:  the "Eww, Boys are Icky" years?  At my school, we girls used to have elaborate schemes to avoid catching "cooties". If a boy got too close in the midst of a spirited recess-time Chase, we would announce that our Invisible Shields were up, rendering us impervious to his germs. (Somehow the boys bought this every time, invariably veering off in pursuit of a different girl who was unlucky enough to have forgotten her Shield that day.)  If we were tagged, we would shape a spray nozzle with our fingers and aim it at each other, to disinfect ourselves. (You knew you were saved when you heard the comforting hissing-aerosol noise the Sprayer made, to boost the effectiveness of her "treatment".)

And to prove that some things never change...the other day Derek was complaining about Music class, where the teacher had forced them to....DANCE...with the GIRLS. (Yeah, I remember that, too. It was awful.  And to add insult to injury, for us it was square dancing.  Really, they should just call it what it is: "torturing the children"! But I digress...)  So apparently Derek survived this traumatic experience, but he reported that after being dismissed, all the boys rushed back to their homeroom and stampeded to the Hand Sanitizer bottle...in order to wash off the cooties.  Doesn't it just bring a nostalgic tear to your eye?  Maybe I need to teach him about the Invisible Shield...

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Sandy Presgraves said...

I remember the cootie spray. I also remember being involved in recess "weddings" and Jenny Lippy was always the bride. haha

I can't believe the schools are risking the spread of H1N1, just for a little kid torture... I mean "kid culture".